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HINGHAM, MA 02043-2997 







Hingham Pufelic Librafy, Hinghan, W 

X^y lr\ {lye Life 


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Christopher Achille 

"The only thing you have to do before 
you die, is live (me). ..You can only 
be free when you have nothing to 
lose (train surfer). ..If you're gonna be 
dumb, you gotta be tough (Johnny 

I can't thank my sister and two 
brothers enough: Meghan, Mike and 
Ryan, you guys have taught me life, 
love ya.... cheers! 

Kaileigh Albert 

"Is it me or does it seem that life just 
carries on? Now was it him who said 
that life is just a song? Now I don't 
know what will keep me on this little 
Earth, I just might use the love that's 
in the dirt." 

D-you're my girl. I wouldn't jump out 
of a window with anyone else. Love 
you chica. 

LC- C'est la vie., LF-'life's a garden, 

dig it.", AM-the path will always be in 

my heart., Seventwentytwo-iloveyou. 

Thanks to the girls.. .CR KC JH AW SB 

JC SP AR., Thanks mum dad Joe and 

Nick for everything. 

"A man should choose a friend who is 

better than himself. There are plenty 

of acquaintances in the world; but 

very few real friends." 

Love you all, thank you for everything. 

Charlotte Alger 

James Alleva 

John Arnos 

There must be a forecast 

That you won't let yourself see 

So you keep watching as you're 


Sail away from what you need 

In school they never taught about 

hamburgers or steak, 

Elijah Muhammad or the welfare 


But I know. 

And I know because of KRS-ONE. 

Blair Bailey 

"The future belongs to those who 

believe in the beauty of their dreams. 

- Eleanor Roosevelt 

To the people in my life, in so many 

ways you've shown me the kind of 

person I want to become. 

Thank you. 

"Tell me did the wind sweep you off 
your feet/ Did you finally get the 
chance to dance along the light of 
day/ And head back to the Milky Way/ 
And tell me, did Venus blow your 
mind/ Was it everything you wanted 
to find/ And did you miss me while 
you were looking for yourself out 
there?" - Train, "Drops of Jupiter" 

John Baimas 

am LMC'05 -'08 

Furniture Movers - 4 

Thaxter - 

Adrian Baldeon 

"A thug changes and love changes, 
best friends become strangers, word 

Thanks to my fam first and foremost 
for always having my back no matter 
what the situation was. Shout out to 
all my friends, can't thank yall enough 
for the good times: KS, DC, BP, LE, 
SM, JC, NL, KP, RG, RC, TB, AR, JQ, 
BH, KS and many more(Sorry if I 
forgot anyone) 

HHS good looks for all tha ill times, 
never forget yall 

Andrius Balta 

"For one day you're here, then you're 


Thanks mom dad and Una for 
everything and always being by my 
side, I love you all. LT. boys XC and 
boys lax. AAAAAN. CPP +LPP m-vaick, 
c-phel, f-black, j-gold, d-kind, m- 
jones. ski house, mcc. insomnia sm. 
awright mm. plastics, papers. H2. 
t-gold. h-neck. 60 Saturdays, barb. 
Jones's boat, griffey. tom petty, state 
radio 4/28. 50. cards, shop'n. crow, 
'let me blast ac for you bros'. six flags. 
BoSox. firepit. hottub. thecrust. good 
luck '08. keep it real. 

Mackenzie Barkas 

The Ones That Matter The Most Will 
Always Be There. APZ I Love You. 
BestFriends. KC.SB.EG.RB.AM.MB. 
My True G's TS.EL.AW. To The Loss 
Of A Real Good Friend And The 16 
Summers I Shared With Her I Go 
Back. SLH I Love You Always And 

Alec Barber Grossi 

"If peeing your pants is cool, consider 
me Miles Davis." 

-Billy Madison 

Laura Barnes 

"Its time now, to sing out, though the 

story never ends. 

Lets celebrate remember a year in the 

life of friends." 


"All my life, I've never felt so strong 
as when we're all together." 

-Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Sarah and all of my friends. You made 
High School all worth while. 

-C.K, M.G, C.K, CD, L.P- 

Robert Barrett IV 

"It isn't the size of the dog in the 
fight, it's the size of the fight in the 

I'll always remember my friends from 
the CP and the fun times we had like 
"City Bus" and times at foster school. 

My mama always used to tell me: 'If 
you can't find somethin' to live for, 
you best find somethin' to die for.' 

Rachel Bellew 

"As water reflects a face, so a man's 
heart reflects the man." -Proverbs 

JkLcMwTfAmKcKbLhJbVc; FebVaca'06, 
simply unforgettable; 3. PP. Rebecca, 
thank you for the comfort of knowing 
that I'll always have a friend to turn 
to. Mom, Dad, N, T, R, J, J, R, & S- I 
love you so much! 

Jasmine Benger 

"What lies behind us and what 
lies before us are snnall matters 
compared to what lies within us." 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Thanks to all my family (Dad, Mom, 
Liv, and Sam) and friends for your 
support. I love you guys so much! 

Tanya Bibby 

"Life is not a journey to the grave 
with the intention of arriving safely in 
a pretty & well preserved body, but 
rather to skid in broadside, totally 
worn out & proclaiming, 'Wow what a 

Samantha Berrick 

Ashley Bizzell 



p.s. h.h.s. girls track keep the 
heart beat on the track don't loose our 

title ... 

Francis Black 

"Friendship is the hardest thing In the 
world to explain. It's not something you 
learn in school. But if you haven't learned 
the meaning of friendship, you really 
haven't learned anything."- Muhammad 

XC Boys. Thanks Coach. LP & CPP. 
JGold's. Fires. Makin the pool wavy. 
Sixties. H-Neck. Shopping. Kanye. 
DKind's Basement. Lockout. Ken Griffey 
Junior Baseball. Ski House "We had 
two". "But she's towing an anchor, a 
junior investment banker.." WBMason 
hats. Impala. DMB & State Radio. Six 
Flags. Fenway. Mikes Boat. Pool Soccer. 
Uppercrust. Dunay-nay. Thanks Mom Dad 
Megan Maura Kathryn MA. Thanks TGold. 
Goodluck JQ. "Coming real it's the next 
episode.. "Dre 

Caroline Blake 

"Success is not the key to happiness. 
Happiness is the key to success. If you 
love what you are doing, you will be suc- 
cessful." -A. Schweitzer 

I want to thank my family for everything 
they have done. Mom, Dad, Anthony 
and Gabriella, I could not have done it 
without all of you. 

"Each friend represents a world in us, a 
world possibly not born until they arrive, 
and it is only by this meeting that a new 
world is born." -Anais Nin 

Thank you to all of my friends. You are 
all so amazing. I never could have made 
it this far without each and every one 
of you. 

Thomas Blakey 

Joey's latenight on weekends, Joe 
lying, going to the Leary's whenever, 
the barn, Kyle's videogames, double 
clutching, cooking in the AM with Lew, 
Murph's pyramid, Joe's many clothes, 
walking to Weymouth with Conor, 
Ullman's house over the summer, 
Nally's driving. Murphy square, Nally 
on the island. Murphy barking, mortal 
combat sway, Kyle being Terrence 
O'Callahan, boat parties. THE CREW. 
Thank you Mom, Dad, and Sam. 

"For anyone that's ever lost someone 
they know that friendship is god- 
-Jayceon Taylor 

Jessica Bombasaro-Brady 

"If you could separate causes from 
results, if you could know that Paine, 
Marx, Jefferson, Lenin were results, 
not causes, you might survive." Don't 
let the "quality of owning freeze you 
forever into T and cut you off from 
'we'." -John Steinbeck 

Thanks to my family, friends, Mr Lalli; 
I have had a rollercoaster ride since 
middle school, and you have stuck by 
me and for that I am forever grateful 
and in your debt. Thank you. 

tephanie Boss 

' The greatest pleasure in life is doing 

■ lings people say we cannot do"- 
'alter Bagehot 

The only way of finding the limits of 
le possible is by going beyond them 
ito the impossible"- Arthur Clarke 
hanks to all of my friends for all of 
18 memories, 
nank you mom and dad for all your 

'( elp and support. 

I HS Track I love you guys ... Division 
ood luck class of "08! 

Jillian Bowering 

"To have faith where you cannot see; 
to be willing to work in the dark; to 
be conscious of the fact that so long 
as you strive for the best, there are 
better things on the way, this in itself 
is success." 

I want to thank my family and my 
friends who have helped me along the 
way, I couldn't have done it without 

:imberly Burke 

leek to find the tranquil things in life 
lat cost so very little— a smile, a tender 
luch, a friendly nod of acceptance, an 
describable gesture of knowing we 
xomplished something well." 
atie, AN, Steph, Mare, Meg, Kath, Care, 
err, C.P.P. L.P, The Boys- I love you 
jys so much, so many good times, 
offee runs, ski trips, cape trips, my 
ar, out-of-towners, Kaths house, Kates 
Duse, concerts, beach days, dance 
arties, swimming lessons, late night 
)0d runs, pasta parties. Study group 
'5, Boston, boat rides, and much more, 
don't now what I'd do without you girls, 
never wanted nothing more, 
lank you Mom, Dad, Chris. Sarah, and 
Tiily, for everything, 
ood luck class of 2008. 

ulia Burns 

Aan is the measure of all things: of 
lings which are, that they are, and 
"things which are not, that they are 
Dt." - Protagoras 

Cari Buttkus 

Time is a companion that goes with 
IS on a journey. It reminds us to 
herish each moment, because it will 
lever come again. What we leave 
lehind us is not as important as how 
ve have lived." To mom, Dad, and 
^olly thanx for everything, you guys 
ire the best. To all my girls who I've 
oiled with, you know who you are ILY 
juyz. Keep it real! High school years 
vill never be forgotten. Seniors '08! 
'eace out Hingham High! 

McKenzie Burke 

Side by side or miles apart best 

friends are always close to the heart. 

You guys have always been by my 


d&p, mom, b&c.lh. I <3 You. 

Samuel Butterfield 

"But I don't want comfort; I want God, 
I want poetry, I want freedom, I want 
goodness, I want sin." Huxley 
Another flaw in the human character is 
that everyone wants to build and nobody 
wants to do maintenance." Vonnegut 
"It all will fall, fall right into place.' 
Modest Mouse 

"Does you tink Saddam Hussein had da 
weapons of mass destruction, or as dey 
was called BLTS?" Ali G 
"And in the end, the love you take is 
equal to the love you make." The Beatles 
"I like too many things and get all 
confused and hung-up running from one 
falling star to anotner till I drop. This 
is the night, what it does to you." Jack 

"I need some meaning I can memorize, 
the kind I have always seems to slip my 
mind." Conor Oberst 


Ryan Cubucio 

Jillian Cahill 

Lauren Canepa 

"These are the times that won't come 
again. And you gotta live 'em while 
you can." Thanks Mom and Dad for 
everything, love you! Good luck and have 
fun Brett. Love you Nana, G&N, and PJ&M. 
One love. We get to share it. Mes amis 
merci beaucoup pour les bons temps. 
Je t'adore. Junya mints. Papers<3. 
Marco'07. Sneakies. Run 5-0. Brewd. 
Concerts. Senior Trip. Upper Crust. '08 
Super Fans. You Know, love you all. 
m.a.m thanks for everything, love you. 
Lax BBall XC. Call lovin'. Lp and Ld, thank 
you. "But we know now that no matter 
how far we traveled on our own separate 
paths... Somehow we would always find 
our way back to each other. And with 
that, we could get through everything. To 
us. Who we were, and who we are. And 
who we'll be." Good luck Class of 2008! 

Lisa Capobianco 

"Wherever you go, no matter what 
the weather, always bring your own 
sunshine." I can't believe high school's 
already over. It went by so fast! So 
many amazing memories! Homecoming, 
StuCo, beach, fireworks, prom, Panera, 
AmStud, field trips, summers, and so 
much more. I loved every minute of 
it! Thanks so much to all of my friends 
and family -you're what made it so 
incredible. I never could have done it 
without you. "These are the days worth 
living, these are the years we're given, 
these are the moments, these are the 
times, let's make the best out of our 
lives" These were the best years, and 
I'm so glad I got to share them with all 
of you. You're the best!"In life, every 
ending is just a new beginning." 
Good luck Class of 08 -Love you! 

Elizabeth Carr 

"After all, things change... people come into 
your life and they go. But it's comforting 
to know that the ones you love are always 
in your heart" 
-Sex and the City 

One Love; Best Friends. Junior Mints, 

concerts, Costa Rica, senior trip, Boston 

nights, rec, dances, surf trips, car 

rides, beach, 311, superfans, endless 


TC. TEWrip. 

Mom, Dad, Tim, Cas, Chris, and friends, 

thank you for everything. Good Luck '08. 

We get to carry each other, carry each 


Matthew Cawley 

"You only live once, but if you live right, 
once is enough." 

Football, laughing, and hanging out. 
Thanks to my family for pushing me to 
always do my best. Thanks to my friends 
for all of the good times. Thanks to all of 
my teammates, and to everyone else, for 
being apart of the best years of my life. 

Sarah Celin 

I've been here no longer than 6 weeks, 
but I already know I'll have the time of 
my life. 

Mamma och Peter - ni vet att jag 
aldrig kommer kunna visa hur tacksam 
jag ar for att ni lat mig forverkliga min 
drom! Jag alskar er, fbralltid! 

The Hartnett's - this would not have 
happened if it wasn't for you. I will be 
forever thankful. 

Merri - thank you for being you. 
And, all of you... thank you for making 
my stay here so great, I'll remember you 

Victoria Centurelli 

"When your life flashes before your eyes, 
make sure you've got plenty to watch." 
Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me 
through the past four years and always 
being there for me. Matt, thank you for 
everything you have done for me. We 
have been through so much together 
10/5/05. I love you with all of my heart. 


Garrett Clark 

"Good friends we have, good friends 
we've lost, along the way. In this great 
future, you can't forget your past, so 
dry your tears, I say." Thanks Mom, 
Meredith, and The McCann/Blaikie family 
for the support. My friends RM, WC, MB, 
AN, MG, RB, ABG. Love always SLH. 

Daniel Clerken 

But I firmly believe that any man's finest 
hour, his greatest fulfillment of all he 
holds dear, is the moment when he has 
worked his heart out in a good cause 
and lies exhausted on the field of battle 
- victorious. 

-I want to give thanks to my whole 
family. Mom and dad I thank you so 
much for guiding me through high school 
helping me everyday to achieve my 
best. Matt and Leighanne, when your 
home and not at college, thank you for 
everything you do. Last but not least my 
friends, BP, KS, MM, SM, JG, LE, CL, RC, 
BA, JK, NL, AB, and many more thanks 
for the good times that I will never forget 

Jennifer Cochrane 

Katelyn Collins 

"Here's to goodbye, tomorrow's gonna 
come too soon." Stephy Mare Meggy 
Merr Alimo Care Kathy Kimmy Elizabeth. 
Thanks for growing up with me. I 
couldn't have asked for better. Mom, 
Dad, Mike, & Ry - thanks for everything. 
Mom, thanks for being my best friend. To 
all the guys & girls- LP&CPP: FB, MJ, CP, 
AB, JG, MV, DK. MM, KM, JG, CL & more. 
Summers. Beach days. Concerts. Cape 
Cod. "Show off ya moves!" Never forget. 
Good luck '081 I'll miss it. 

Carolyn Collins 

"Learn from the past. Live in the present. 
Look forward to the future." Thank 
you Mom, Dad, and Brad for always 
being there for me. I love you. And to 
my friends, I will always remember the 
amazing times we have had together. 
You have been the best I could ever ask 
for, one thing I will never let go of is the 
memories we share. 

Kelly Collins 

n ten years it won't matter what shoes 
you wore, the clothes you had, or how 
popular you were. All that'll matter is 
how hard you worked. Thx to all of my 
friends, family, and teachers. Good luck 

Carly Comins 

When you get what you want in your 
struggle for self, and the world makes you 
King for a day, then go to the mirror and 
look at yourself, and see what that man has 
to say. For it isn't your Mother, Father, or 
Spouse, whose judgment upon you must 
pass. The person whose verdict counts most 
in your life is the man staring back from 
the glass. He's the feller to please, never 
mind all the rest, for he's with you clear up 
to the end, and you've passed your most 
dangerous, difficult test if the man in the 
glass is your friend. You may be like Jack 
Horner and "chisel" a plum, and think you're 
a wonderful guy, but the man in the glass 
says you're only a bum if you can't look him 
straight in the eye. 

You can fool the whole world down the 
pathway of years, and get pats on the back 
as you pass, but your final reward will be 
heartaches and tears if you've cheated the 
guy in the glass. 

Mary Conner 

"Life gives us brief moments with another... 
but sometimes in those brief moments we 
get memories that last a life time..." SMACK 
- love you girls always and forever!! Junior 
Mints, Summers, quitting sports/activities in 
general, car rides, JJ's, Rec Camp, concerts, 
high heels, bridge jumplng-corey, kim's driv- 
ing, late night Micky D's, getting lost, tubs, 
ishboo, blackrock, kathy's, josh's basement, 
Marco Island... "Can't blame a girl for try- 
ing", grammy, Marylou's, AC'S dance move, 
Motown, Alaskans, high school musical. Cape 
Cod, Hull strip, mike's, derek's, dinner rolls, 
fashion know it alls, win some loose some, 
Jr. Prom, half timers, "grampa is an idiot", 
sebs boys, sun-in, attacking sea gulls, deep 
ocean of Nantasket beach, subway, powder 
puff, Boston, New Years Eve, casey's, joey's, 
sleepovers, informing the gov., kelly's breath, 
Aje, always remembering that "High School 
IS High School", Thanks for everything Mom, 
Dad, Chris, Liz, and Kel!! Good luck class of 


Katherine Connors 

"Maybe our mistakes are what make our 
fate. Without them, what would shape 
our lives? Perhaps if we never veered 
off course, we wouldn't fall in love... or 
be who we are" 
—Sex &The City 

Car rides. Janeys. Costa Rica. Junior 
Mints. Dance Parties. Concerts. Lisas. 
Late night Sneakies, "we're just friends, 
let's have a good time". Uppercrust. 
Super fans. ONE LOVE. Mom, Dad& 
Nolan thanks for everything. Girls & 
Guys love you to the moon and back- 
memories last forever, mes amis<3 
"Guilty as charged officer., take me 
away" 08. "We're better together" 

Louis Christopher Constantine 

The good times: Patriot League 

Champs, Murph's house, Summer 

concerts, DPs, The Barn that Bellhorn 

Built, Wiffle Ball, at Ullmans, No Shirt 

Party's, Bumpin in the trailblazer (to 

country of course), Sneaky's, All you 

can eat, and just Chillin with the bro's 

"Had no excuses for the things that 

we'd done 

We were brave, we were crazy, we 

were mostly 


"What Lies Behind Us and What Lies 

Before Us, Is Tiny Matters compared 

to What Lies Within Us." 

Andrew Corsen 

Sarah Costello 

"Maybe you'll get everything you wish 
for and maybe more than you ever 
could've imagined. Who knows where 
life will take you. The road is long, 
and in the end, the journey is the 

Thx everyl who's been there 4 
me. Alyce-my best friend, thnx for 
everything, luv u so much! Mom&Dad 
ilybothsomuch, thnx 4 everything u 
do. MAP, myhero. All my friends-luv u 
all so much, never change. BestTimes. 
RIP SLH<3 neverforget. 

Julie Coughlin 

"Our deepest fear is not that we are 
inadequate. Our deepest fear is that 
we are powerful beyond measure. It is 
our light, not our darkness that most 
frightens us" 

Mes Amis. We're one but we're not the 
same, we get to carry each other <3 
OneLove, Thanks for everything girls. 
LAX 143. "Badatt" LingLing's. Superfans 
08. DP's. Concerts. BTAG's. Late Night 
Sneakies. Upper Dances. Juniahh Mints. 
Harbor Marco '07. "We're all friends here, 
let's just have a good time!". Thank you 
and Love you Mom, Dad, and TEC. Good 
Luck 08 

"Guilty as charged officer, take me 

Meghan Coveney 

"We all take different paths in life, but no 

matter where we go, we take a little of 

each other everywhere" 

Thank you for everything Mom, Dad, 

Kellie, Conor, and Chrissy! 

Mare, Kath, Steph, Al, Kim, Care, Kate, 

Merr Love you girls. Smack&Vitamin 

Water Bridge Jumping. Cori! City Girls. 

Dance parties at Kaths. Marco with 

Grammy. Concerts, the strip, "definitely 

a glance" Car rides JJ's, ML, McD. Getting 

lost. Blackrock Driving. Highways. Rec. 

Camp 06-07. Minnie 

Mouse. Motown. Sir you doing? Cape trips. 

Sleepovers. Junior Mints & Senioritas. CPP 

& LP Joshs. Sports? Class of '08 Good 



Deirdre Craven 

'We gain strength, and courage, and 
confidence by each experience in which we 
really stop to look fear in the face ... we 
must do that which we think we cannot." 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 
Thank you to my family for their continuing 
' support through all of my experiences. 
; Mom, Dad, JP, Conor, and Brian, thank you 
I for everything. 

' "But if you took every memory, every 
I moment and stretched them out end to end, 
> - they'd reach forever" 
' -My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult 
' Thank you to my friends for all of the good 
I times, preschool through graduation, I could 
not have done it without you. 
Congratulations Class of 2008! 

Emily Crossen 

To my best friends, "We walked so far 
together, we've grown so very close, 
but today became yesterday and we 
are on the verge of tomorrow; where 
we must go on alone and find the 
dreams we all dreamed of together". 
I love you guys and all the times 
we've spent together. Zach, Abbie, 
Tory, Mom, and Dad: I love you so 
much. Thank you for everything 
you've done for me. 

William Cuilen 

Champions aren't made in gyms. 
Champions are made from something 
they have deep inside them - a desire, 
a dream, a vision. 
Thank you Dad, mom, John, and 
Rachael for all your support and help 
through the years. I would also like to 
thank all my friends for the goodtimes 
and the many more to come. 

Kalley Curley 

Take a deep breath. Never get so 
busy making a living that you forget 
to make a life. You're the best friends 
I've ever had, RMM, MB, BH, MB, RB, 
AM, VC, LH, KB, JB. Mom, Dad, Erin, 
Ally, and Molly, I love you guys. RIP 

Haley Dargin 

Hey you, cowabunga! 

IDavid DeLasMorenas 

"I don't want to achieve immortality ^ 
through my work... I want to achieve it 
through not dying." 
- Woody Allen 

39 ml 


Camllle David 

"If happy little bluebirds fly, beyond the 
rainbow, why, oh why can't I?" HHS 
Drama: we know drama, we know love, 
we've found Nora, thank you all. To ev- 
eryone and anyone I have laughed with, 
thank you for those nights we couldn't 
stop. To my family, just because. To 
everyone and anyone I love, see you soon 
or see you tomorrow because "After all, 
tomorrow is another day." 

"Change; we don't like it, we fear it, but 
we can't stop it from coming. We either 
adapt to change or we get left behind. 
And it hurts to grow, anybody who tells 
you it doesn't is lying. But here's the 
truth: the more things change, the more 
they stay the same. And sometimes, oh, 
sometimes change is good. Oh, some- 
times, change is... everything." 
It's time to start living the life I've imag- 

Jared Dempsey 

I'm just a no class beat down fool and 
I will always be that way I might as 
well enjoy my life and watch the stars 


Drake Dickerson 

"All in all you're just another brick in 
the wall" 

Joseph Dillon 


"We were brave, We were crazy, We were 
mostly young."- Kenny Chesney 
it guys. Always remember- murphs, the 
barn, sneakies, slate, DPs,superfans, tali 
gating, boats, summeritme,joeys,ullma 
ns,wiffle, concerts, grove ave, throwing, 
goodmorning with tan, street with the 
fellas, kenny,tommys porch, bonfires at 
nallys,gettin jazzy on the water,nally 
hooken me with a ride home, sleepys, all 
nighters,bball at chris's,just lamping, 
playing videogames, getting a bite 
at cp,kicken it one time, and to the 
best days of my life "08". I will always 
remember the crew. Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Nannie, Allyson, John for everything. 
Rest In Peace Jimbo. 

Amanda Dolan 

We all take different paths in life, 

but no matter where we go, 

we take a little of each other 

kmf. akk. bim. sf. 

"It's just me and my gang" 

To the people we don't remember calling, 


To all the tongues that turned blue, 

To the time where the tomatoes had 

To the moments were still trying to 

remember . 


Congrats Class of 2008. Believe it or not, 

we made it! 

Bridget Donahue 

" step with care and great tact and 

remember that life's a great balancing 

act just never forget to be dexterous and 

deft and never mix up your right foot 

with your left"- Dr. Suess 

" The best is yet to come, and baby 

won't it be fine 

You think you've seen the sun, but you 

ain't seen it shine." 

To my friends, thanks for sticking with 

me through the good and the bad. These 

past four years would have been nothing 

with out you guys. 

Class of 2008, I wish you the best of luck 

in all your endeavors. And remember 

that " life is like a box of chocolates you 

never know what you're going to get." 

Congratulations on graduating. We finally 

did it! 

Meredith Donlan 

"I was alone, I took a ride, 
I didn't know what I would find there. 
Another road, where maybe I could 
see another kind of mind there." 

Robert Dresser 

Austin Driscoll 

Amber Dubois 

In three words, I can sum up 
everything I've learned about life: 
it goes on - Robert Frost. Thanks to 
my family and friends for everything. 
Band. Istanbul. Imagine. Welcome 
to Lunchtime with Amber and Jill. 
Celery Diet. And now my chicken. ..The 
Red Book. Awkward Walk. Oh Hey!. 
Really? 3 glue sticks and 88 cents. 
Catch you at the STAIRWELL (JE, MO, 
KF and LP). I love you Dave 




eoffrey Ebbs 

ou see the key to eating a black and 
lite cookie is that you wanna get 
me black and some white in each 
;e. Nothing mixes better than vanilla 
id chocolate. If people would only 
Dk to the cookie, all our problems 
5uld be solved." -Jerry Seinfeld 
The big advantage of a book is it's 
ry easy to rewind. Close it and 
iU're right back at the beginning." 
Brry Seinfeld 

/ler Eddy 

've got a theory that if you 
ve 100 percent all of the time, 
imehow things will work out in 
e end." 
arry Bird 

aying wiff, poker. Madden, and 
'. It doesn't get any better than 
at. It's been real. 

lanks Mom, Dad, and Amanda 
r the support. 

3od luck everyone. 

Jillian Eddy 

"Flying is learning how to throw yourself 
at the ground and miss." 
- Douglas Adams 

Mom, Dad, and Leesie, thank you for 
all of the love and support. 

Bubs. Onions. Band. Taco Bell. Istanbul. 
Imagine. Welcome to Lunchtime 
with Amber and Jill. Celery Diet. 
Sing-a-longs. Red Book. Wrentham 
adventures. Divine Secrets of the YaYa 
Sisterhood. And now my chicken? 

Catch you in the stairwell. 

Michael Egan 

Don't aim for success, just do what 
you love and believe in it and it will 
come naturally. 

ina Elia 

hat was the meaning of life? That was all, 
Jmple question. ..the great revelation had 
i/er come ..perhaps never did come. Instead 
;re were little daily miracles, Illuminations, 
Itches struck unexpectedly In the dark..." 
irglnia Woolf. "His reputation reaches to 
; skies, his empire can make a kingdom 
I; and yet this pomp and power, after all, 
= but an ant-heap in the wise man's eyes." 
■'ang Dynasty short story. "We dance round 
a ring and suppose, while the secret sits in 
2 middle and knows." -Robert Frost. Thank 
u to my family for being there with me 
-ough all times good and bad. .thank you 
■ providing the environment and resources 
at motivated me to pursue my passions, 
ank you to my friends for all you have 
ne these past years; we have been through 
jch together Thank you to my teachers for 
Iping us to see the world, both as It Is and 
It could be. 

ayla Fahy 

he supreme Irony of life Is that hardly 
lyone gets out of It alive". "Life Is 
st a mirror, and what you see out 
ere, you must first find Inside of you" 
Monconformity, right. I can't remember 
e last time I saw a twenty-something 
d with a tattoo of an Asian letter on his 
rist. You are one wicked free thinker You 
ant to be a rebel? Stop being cool."-House 
■eme*Procrastlnator*How do you pass out 
I the beach?*BFFL=KFC*Mom?*Parking 
)ts*L & K never at the movles*TNMT!*I 
in't drive hard I drive fast!*0h 
;yi*Really?*Awkward walks*And now my 
ncken7*Who does that?*McWAC*Wrentham 
Troublematlc* "We're coming to get ya 
arbara!"*Catchphrase*Tank*Catch You in 
.e Stalrwell!(JE,AD,MO,LP) 
lends -I- Family 4 Life! Thanks Mom, Dad, 
"id Kristin Love you all! 

Lewis Elliott 

"It's alright to let the past drive 
you, but don't let it drive you crazy." 
Thank you to my family Dad, Mom, 
Anna, Jake couldn't have done it 
without you. To my good friend's CL 
and the rest of the boys and of course 
the girls love you all and good luck, 
we had great times together and will 
continue to in the future. ...HEY RED! 

Evan Faithfull 


Paige Fallon 

Your time is limited, so don't waste 
it living someone else's life. Don't be 
trapped by dogma - which is living with 
the results of other people's thinking. 
Don't let the noise of other's opinions 
drown out your own inner voice. And 
most important, have the courage to 
follow your heart and intuition. They 
somehow already know what you truly 
want to become. Everything else is 
secondary. -Steve Jobs 

Thank you mom and dad for you all you 
have done for me these past four years; 
CM, CK, CS, SM, EC I will miss you girls 
so much next year!! I love you all so 

Anne Feldman 

"No doubt, I savored the taste of 
independence. But It wasn't so much 
changing the world as becoming a 
part of it that drove my annbltions." 
To my family. Mom Dad Will & Emily- 
Thank you for all your love and 

To my friends, Nona's crew, France, 
AFS and everyone else-so many great 

"Our hearts were ringing 
In the key that our souls were singing. 
As we danced in the night. 
Remember how the stars stole the 
night away." 

Michael Ferrucci 

"Do not go where the path may lead, 

go instead where there Is no path and 

leave a trail." 

For my boys - A TREE, boat rips, 

doogle, chris Im nervous, fishing, Lp 

shopping, Ullman's, r.l.p. skinny pete, 

slate, concert tallgating, HIngham 

Hockey, Red Sox, late night golfing, 

parking lots, dangling in street, 

superfan, grilling, pond hockey, 

tanty's house 


"You lost it for yourself."- Gunnar 


Good luck 08 

Margaret Findley 

"If you wake up and don't want to 


If it takes just a little while. 

Open your eyes and look at the day. 

You'll see things in a different way." 

~ Fleetwood Mac 
Thanks Mom Dad Beth and Patrick 

for all your love and support. 

"The language of friendship is not 

words, but meanings." 

~ Henry David Thoreau 

To all my friends thanks for all the 

memories and for always being there 

for me. 

HGH "We Beat With One Heart!" 

Good Luck Class of 2008! 

Brian Fitzgerald 

Elizabeth Fitzgerald 

Sean Flannery 

"Take what you can from your dreams, 
make them as real as anything It will 
take the work out of the courage"- 
DMB. My crew, HHS soccer, creeping, 
late night golfing, A-TREE, doogle, 
concerts, Marshvegas, Red Sox, 
superfans, Rec. Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Brendan, Steve, and Pat. I love you 
all. Thanks '08 for everything. Take 
it easy. 



James Ford 



ihelley Fraser HH 

lere's to the nights I can't remember !^^I 
nd to the friends I'll never forget. ^^^B 
:ongratulatlons Class of 2008! I^^fl 

Jessica Freyer 

It's a dangerous business, going out 
your door. You step onto the road, and 
if you don't keep your feet, there's no 
knowing where you might be swept 
off to. 

i^ - 



■ ^'Ij 




^^/^ _^ --iiioYiffliiiiai^Mti 


w ^^J^. 



ieghan Gallagher 

yvhat keeps us here is bonds that we share 
rom so far away, throughout all the years 
few decisions will ever cost you more 
han those you choose to place in your trust 
onsider your friends" - What Keeps Us 
ere. Bane 

hroughout these years in Hingham there 
re certain people that helped shape who I 
m today. A thank you to my mom, dad, and 
rother Ryan. Also C.K, L.B, C.K, C.A. and all 
thers who helped me. 

Life goes by so fast. 

ou only want to do what you think is right, 
lose your eyes and its past. 
:'s the story of my life" 
Story of My Life, Social Distortion 

Uexandrla Genovese 

Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% 

Michael Geary 

"The measure of who we are is what 
we do with what we have." - Thanks 
Mom and Dad for all of your support 
and pushing me to be better. Thanks 
to all of my friends for bringing good 
times and support. 

Graham George 

"They can't jump with me Pepp" 
- Randy IMoss 

loseph Giacchetti 

' I'd rather laugh with the sinners 
han cry with the saints" 
3ood times, my friends, football, 
A/alking late summer nights. 

Michael Gill 

"Sometimes I feel like an idiot. But I am an 
idiot, so it kind of works out" -Billy Madison 
Thanks for everything boys, I have some 
great memories. I'll never forget-Throwing 
on Grove, Hitting the seas on Grampy's 
Smiling, street hockey, sleepovers in 
Johnson's room, sneakies, pushing Nate's 
van in reverse. Officer Bobby, arguing with 
Nate and Ferrucci, Hockey games, Ricky 
taking all my clothes, Mrs. Johnson's bacon 
egg and cheeses, Shipping up to Boston in 
the Ford, Nate disappearing at concerts, the 
killa cam, the A-TREE, KBC, awful nights 
sitting at the harbor, prank phone calls, Al 
Bundy, CP, Ferrucci never driving, Friday 
Mornings, Tenda Steak, B's Games, New 
Year's, bucking my phone at Nate's nose, 
and just kickin' it in the basement. Thank 
you mom, dad, and Daisy for everything. 
"Oh, that's Greeeatt" 



Rachel Gillard 

"I'm what I am and I'm what I'm not 
and I'm sure happy with what I've got 
I live and love and laugh a lot 
and that's all I need" 

"Friends are like wedgies, it feels 
great when you pick a good one" 

Joshua Golden 

Live life to the fullest, never look back 
and wish you could change your path. 
Have no regrets in wherever life takes 
you. With family, friends and hard 
work you can go anywhere you want. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for taking me 
this far and never giving up. 

HHS Football 

CPP+LP always together 

Caroline Gorman 

"The question isn't who is going to 
let me; it's who is going to stop me." 
-Ayn Rand. Thanks Mom, Dad, Sarah, 
Beau, and all my friends. WC and AB 
04-08. New York City, Costa Rica, and 
France. It was the best of times, it 
was the worst of times, but it was our 
time and I'll never forget it. 

Sarah Gillespie 

"Gone are the days we stopped to 
decide where we should go, we just 

Jessica Graziano 

Thanks to ail my friends I've had with me 
all throughout high school. You guys know 
who you are. Katie, Niki, my girls from work, 
Melissa, Kaitlyn. Love you all, thanks to all 
of you. You've been there for me and I don't 
know what I would have done without you. 
You're not friends because you sit together 
at lunch or talk on the phone; or have 
matching flip-flops or can recite each other's 
wardrobe. You're best friends because when 
she smiles , a grin forces itself across your 
face. No matter how mad you are-- when 
she cries, you instantly feel her pain, & want 
to cry with her When you look her in the 
eyes you know there's no one you could ever 
trust more, regardless of how many broken 
hearts you've had. That's what it means to 
be best friends. <33 

Christopher Gong 

"Well, I ain't always right but I've never 
been wrong. Seldom turns out the way it 
does in a song. Once in a while you get 
shown the light In the strangest of places 
if you look at it right." 
"Hey lets drink from the cup and share 
some luck go ahead and laugh cause 
it don't cost much, no no no don't cost 

"60 years down the road I probably won't 
remember the score of this game or that, 
the weekend nights I sometimes don't 
recall now, but I'll always remember the 
people I had those good times with. My 
teammates, my teachers, and most of all 
my closest friends will never be forgotten 
because even though certain times will 
escape my mind the people I was with 
never will." 

Erica Gratta 

Robert Grosse 

"The tragedy of life is not that it ends so 
soon, but that we wait so long to begin 

Thanks mom, dad, Chris, Jennifer, nana, 

and especially Jeff. 

West Side for life, driftway, rolling in 

tha mini, six flags, freshman baseball 

bus, far end of the sideline, the fly 

runner, boarding, paper wasp, marco, 

165 Porsche, webb, McDonalds sundaes, 

basement, and cumbys just to name a 


Thanks to all my friends. 

"So I started out, god knows where, I 

guess I'll know when I get there." 




toss Hagan 

hanks Dad, Mom + Sean for 

;oy's Lax, ABG, AD, JA, JO, CW, GG, 
:j, MC, 

)H, PR. Thanks MO for being there. 

he barn, the point. Triphammer, The 
{ ink. 
78/06 Jr. Gong. "Work Hard Play 

.indsay Hammer 

Jessica Halpin 

"Part of you will live in me, way down 
deep inside my heart. The days go by 
without fail. A new wind is gonna find 
your sail, that's where your journey 

Thanks- Mom, Dad, April, Lolly, KVK, NA 

<One Love. Amis .We get to carry each 

other > 

. concerts. superfans. homecoming. 


harbortimes.junlormints. papers. 

Thanks for everything girls. <3 Always 

Class of 2008, I love you. Good luck! 

Anna Handorf 

"But the thing Is, that was all we did. Maybe 
it was happening too fast. Maybe we wanted 
to hold on to what we had. Or maybe we 
all knew there were other things we had to 
find before we found ourselves. All we really 
knew for sure was, as we sat there, looking 
out over the lights of the town where we had 
grown up together, it all felt right. It all felt... 

"There's one thing every kid needs growing 
up, it's best friends. People you trust. People 
who trust you. People you measure yourself 
against. You go through everything together 
Important things. Stupid things. Things that 
matter Things that don't." To my friends- 
thank you for everything, love you all! Mom, 
Dad and Maren, thank you for all of your love 
and support! 

lebecca Handrahan 

! eah and it's over before you know it, it 
I II goes by so fast. Yeah the bad nights 

ake forever and the good nights don't 

sem to last."-TomPetty 
j 3 my Ladles-JQJSKNKSSK-thru thick and 
I lin 143(5Star) and to my guys thanks 

)r all the awesome times. Living For 
I he Weekend. Freshleyear, the cap'n, 

lAR, wompywalks, homecoming'06, 'A 

Tile, Badfish, bment pahhtys, Hpoint07, 
' bandon house, jiblets, CL's bday swim, 
I .cope, slate island, 311, sippin' green, 
' hockey, Gui's 17'^ locked in the van, 

hanks Mom, Dad, PJ, Sean, and Jake, 
1 Dve you all. 
i 5ood Luck "08! 

Lisa Hardey 

"Memory is a way of holding on to 

things you love, the things you are, 

and the things you never want to 


amis. One Love, thank you for 


concerts. brewed mornings. upper 

nights. summers.junya mints. "badatt". 

homecoming. dt. LAX ly girls. 

harbortimes. papers. "shotgun". 


Thanks Mom Dad & Meg, i love you 

Good Luck Class of 2008! 

.eigh Harlow 

"Anyone can see the road that they walk 
DP is paved in gold, it's always summer 
:hey'li never get cold." --- To my family. Mom 
Dad Jack & Will, I love you so much, thank 
/ou for all your love and support! 

To my friends, "I do believe I have been 
rhanged for the better, and, because I knew 
/ou, I have been changed for good." HDay, 
Nona's crew, Romania, NY, the list goes on 
and I loved every moment of it! 

HHS Drama, unforgettable; keep on 
dreaming, every single one of you. --- "Ah, 
love, let us be true to one another! for the 
world, which seems to lie before us like a 
land of dreams, so various, so beautiful, so 
new..." you guys know the rest. 

"These became part of that child who went 
forth every day, and who now goes, and will 
always go forth ever/ day."-Walt Whitman 

"Careening through the universe, your 
axis on a tilt, you're guiltless and free, I hope 
you take a piece of me with you." 3eb --- 
Forever Class of "08, Leigh 

^^^^0^^^ ^^ ^^1^^^^^^ 

Olivia Hartzell 


Richard Hazelton 

"When life gives you lemons make 

Go Red Sox! 
HHS soccer 

I'll remember hanging out in Tyler's 
basement and going to Crow Point. 

Thanks mom and dad for all the support. 

Daniel Hobbs 

"Success isn't permanent and failure Isn't 

System Linking is unreal 
"Whitewater in the morning" 

Kendall Hodgkins 

The things that we're afraid of, are going to 
show us what we're made of in the end. 

Thanks mom, dad, Andrew for everything 
- Love you so much. 

One Love Kel. Everyting is coming back. K N 
K. Love you guys. LeClair 

Don't ever regret anything that at one point 
in time made you smile 

Good Luck '08 

Jonathan Morgan 

Laura Hogan 

"You have brains in your head. 
You have feet in your shoes. You 
can steer yourself in any direction 
you choose. You're on your own. 
And you know what you know. 
You are the person who'll decide 
where to go." - Dr. Seuss 
Good luck class of '08! 

Terra Holovacs 


Lilian Holt 


"I hope you never look back, but ya never 


Destiny is not a matter of chance but of 



choice. Not something to wish for but to 

All the ones who love you, in the place you 

U^m ^^ 


^'' tm ^^^ 




JW -^ H| 

S " 

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because 
it happened." 
I'll miss y'alM! 


"We only part to meet again." 




W[ ^ 





Heather Horrigan 

"Say how you feel, because those that 
matter don't mind, and those that mind 
don't matter" Thank you to all my friends, 
you helped me make my high school years 
amazing. I couldn't have gotten through it 
without you guys: B.W, S.B, J.K, J.K, CM, 
and D.H. Thank you to the teachers who 
helped me not only with school problems: 
Ms. Berlucchi and Ms. Dunay. 


<atherine Hughes 

Veil, if the sun shines so bright 

3r the way is dark as night 

'he road we choose is always right - so fine 

-Bron-y Aur Stomp (Led Zeppelin) 

"hanks Dad and Mum for always being there 

o support me. 

'II miss all my amazing friends both old and 


;rew, Orch, Romania, France, Dances, 

Sleepovers, Beach Days, Candy Corn, Prom, 

Veekly Dinners at Lib Grill and Ice Cream 

it the Scoop, Hanging around the Harbor at 

(light and the Sunrise Incident. 

'here have been some good times and some 

)ad times, but overall, some of the best 

•ears of my life. 


Tyler Issadore 

"God gets you to the plate, but once you're 
there you're on you own" Ted Williams. Good 
times, hanging with friends: CR, JR, ME, EF, 
MG, BM,JR. Boating, Fishing, going to Bball 
and FB games. Go Pats & Sox. Thanks for 
everything. Love you Mom, Dad, Eric, and 
Kevin. Good Luck to everyone. 

Emily Jennings 

"What you need to know 
ibout the past is that no matter what has 
lappened, it has all worked together to bring 
ou to this very moment. And this is the 
loment you can choose to make everything 
ew." Thanks Mom, Dad, Meaghan, and 
Janna for keeping me in the right direction; 
he Harborwomen for keeping the four years 
ixciting; and my friends for always being 
here for the good times. "You have brains 
n your head. You have feet in your shoes, 
'ou can steer yourself in any direction you 
hoose. You're on your own. And you know 
vhat you know. You are the guy who'll 
lecide where to go." - Dr. Seuss Congrats 
:iass of 2008, we finally made it! 

Cliristopher Johnson 

H town- what can I say in a 2.5x3 inch rect- 
angle? From 5 ams in January and two-a-days 
in August to selling trees at the harbor and dig- 
ging foundations in Africa, these are the days 
that have shaped my life. Life will never be the 
same without the day-to-day grind. I want to 
thank every single one of you who know you 
have been a part of it so much. I love you all 
so much and I can't believe it is coming to an 
end. Life will never be the same without chilling 
at the harbor, eating greasy food, Al dangles 
at the courts, riding the T, football games, 
hockey games, pushing Nate's van in reverse, 
long walks in World's End, Ricky I always got i 
your back cuz you got mine, the golden doodle, 
deciding who gets the futon, bluegill sunfish. 
Gill's boat. Sub Galley, making milkas, the 
graveyard, sitting around, ping pong, bridge/ 
cliff jumping, feminine songs and gangst beats, 
A-Tree, sneakies, and all of the adventures we 
have had together. I've never dreaded return- 
ing to Hingham, and I can't believe I will be 
leaving. I love you all so much and I hope you 
feel the same way about me. Thank you so 
much Mom, Dad, and Holly for providing me 
with these years I love you. 

ilicheal Jones 

■est Luck Seniors 08. 

hank you Mom, Dad, Nick, Tim, Will, Uncle 
:harles, Mr. Jewett, and Tgold. Best of 
jck to every one of the Football and Track 
sams. Thanks Casey and AJ, I'll get calzone 
3r you guys anytime. The sixty Saturdays in 
ne pimpala... FB, CP, JG, MV, AB, DK, JPM. 

On any given Sunday you're going to win or 
ou're going to lose. The point is- can you 
/in or lose like a man?" 

Fear can hold you prisoner.. Hope can set 
ou free." 

Brian Karimi-Pashaki 

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born 
great, some achieve greatness, and some 
have greatness thrust upon them." 

-William Shakespeare 

Ilassandra Katsilieris 

"*"The most important kind of freedom is 
,0 be what you really are. You trade in your 
eality for a role. You trade in your sense 
or an act. You give up your ability to feel, 
and in exchange, put on a mask. There can't 
36 any large-scale revolution until there's a 
personal revolution, on and individual level. 
It's got to happen inside first. You can take 
away a man's political freedom and you 
jvon't hurt him- unless you take away his 
■'reedom to feel. That can destroy him. That 
<ind of freedom can't be granted. Nobody 
;an win it for you." - Jim Morrison-** 
-My family, you know how much I love you. 
My friends, you know too. Tay, I love you so 
much. * Gener@tions pass and pass, but 
t's our turn to make a difference, to make 
listory, don't think I'm going to sit back and 
/vatch.... I'm so ready. 

Matthew Kay 


Janet Keefe 

"Caught up in circles, confusion is 
nothing new 

You say go slow; I fall behind 

The second hand unwinds 

If you're lost you can look and you 
will find me 

Time after time" - Quietdrive 

Thanks to my family, cousins, friends, 

HH, BW, 

JM, and the Crew team! -good times 

"Theres more to life than just to live"- 

Best of luck "08 
Live it up=) 

Carolyn Kehrmeyer 

"Life's one big party when you're still 
young, but who's gonna have your 
back when it's all done?" 

Home is where my heart is and I will 
never forget the friends I made and 
the people who helped me along the 
way, Meg Courtney and Laura, 
I love you guys 

"Stop Contemplating, Start 
Celebrating. I'm gonna live before I 

Stay classy 08'. 
Make History. 

The world is ours. 

Jeoung Kim 

Stephanie King 

"We did some good and we did some real 
bad stuff It's better to regret something 
you did than something you didn't do We 
were young And we were looking Looking 
for that deep kick..." It's been fun ladies, 
wouldn't change a minute of it. IMuch 
Love, always Js.Ks.Jq.Bh.Kn.N till the end. 
And to the boys, we had a lot of fun. 
"When you're young, your whole life 
is about the pursuit of fun." Hummarock 
'07.Gui's House. (SStar.ily) WampyWalks. 
Juruse.That 70's showgame.Spliffys. 
6changed our lives. The 18th bdays. Falling 
off a 6ft ledge. QuaterMile.Gunrock. 
A.R,Jibbas,Homecomming '06. 
REEBS. RIP SLH.Good Luck '08 it was fun. 
Aight LAATA 

Jessica Keefe 

"Slow down 

Things have been a little crazy 

Right now 

It's time to get away 

You can find out 

What it is you're really after 

Time is on your side... 

Gonna be so far gone 

Some place we ain't never been 


Find a new favorite song 

We'll end up right where we belong' 

~JMAC~Congrats '08!~Live, Love, 

Laugh~Take time to enjoy the 

little things in life. ..Thanks for the 

memories! The whole fam, my 

cousins, R & S, and friends BW, HH, 

JC, SS =) 

Courtney Kelley 

We drove around this place all 
night past closed signs and familiar 
sights we're moving by passing time 
counting those center lines with 
20,000 lines left to go that lead to 
somewhere I don't know it might be 
the time that we leave this all behind. 
-Less Than Jake 

I would like to thank all of my family 
for always being there, and I would 
also like to thank L.B., C.K., M.G., 
and the rest of my friends who have 
been with me these past four years at 
Hingham High, you have all helped me 
become the person I am today. 

Philip Kim 

"The glory of friendship is not the 
outstretched hand, nor the kindly 
smile, nor the joy of companionship; 
it is the spiritual inspiration that 
comes to one when he discovers 
that someone else believes in him 
and is willing to trust him with his 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

G'luck '08 

Caroline Kingston 

"Good friends are hard to find, harder 
to leave, and impossible to forget." 
Thanks to all my friends for making 
these years unforgettable. Mom, Dad, 
Courtney, and Garrett thanks for all 
your love and support, I couldn't have 
done it without you. Good luck seniors 



Caroline Kracunas 

To my family and friends, thanl< you 
for you love, guidance and support. 
To my class, thank you for four great 
/ears, may your futures be grand! 

That it shall never come again is 
(What makes life so sweet." 

Sophie Lammers 

'Good things come to those who wait. 

^Fortune cookie 
'When you're feeling sad and low 
A/e will take you where you gotta go 
smiling dancing everything is free 
\ll you need is positivity" 
^Spice Girls 

rhank to my Family and my Friends 
For everything. 

lane Goodall Likes Monkeys 

Thanks to all my teamates and my 
5wesome girls varsity 8. 

Elizabeth Kracunas 

"If a man does not keep pace with his 
companions, perhaps it is because he 
hears a different drummer Let him 
step to the music which he hears, 
however measured and far away." 
- Thoreau 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Caroline, and f 
Patrick for your support and guidance 
Thanks to all my friends for all the 
amazing times we've had and will 
have together 

Conor Leary 

Zhelsea Lee 

/Veil, life is too short so love the one you got 
ause you might get runover or you might get... 
ever start no static I just get it off my chest 
ever had to battle with no bulletproof vest 
ake a small example, take a tip from me 
ake all of your money, give it all to charity 
Lovin' is what I got, 1 said remember that" 

1 this bright future you can't forget your past... 
hanks to my family, friends, and Brittany 
don't know where I'd be without you. 

o the loss of amazing friends and the time we 

pent together 

.Iways in my heart RG & SLH<3 

Curtis Leonard 

There are no secrets to success. It is 
the result of preparation, hard work, 
and learning from failure. 

Erin Libby 

rhe hardest part about growing up is letting 
go of what you were used to, and moving 
Dn with something that your not. Good Luck 
Class Of '08. 

One more day, one more time. One more 
sunset maybe I'd be satisfied. But then 
again, I know what it would do. Leave me 
wishin' still one more day with you. Rest In 
Peace Samantha Lee Hooper Best Friends 
Means Forever The only thing that gives me 
hope is I know I'll see you again someday. 
Great times will always be in your memories. 
But the people you made them with will 
j always be in your heart. Sh.Ts.Aw.Pm.Ac.Jb. 
CI.Ln.Kb.Mg.Sw.Cz.BrLrKp.Lo. Thanks For 
Everything. I Love You All. 
Tent. Hull. Dances. Nantasket. Crow point. 
Tiger mart. Sunoco. Kenny Chesney. Monster 
Jam. Summer Jam. Driiving around. Boston. 
Thanks For The Memories. Life's too short to 
be anything but happy. '08 


Alexander London 

"For without belittling the courage 
with which men have died, we should 
not forget the courage with which 
men have lived." 

- JFK 
Thank you to all my family and 
friends, you have made this journey 
much easier. 

Good Luck Class of 2008. It has been 
"No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls." 

Edward Long 

Ian Long 

"Live as brave men; and if fortune is 
adverse, front its blows with brave 
- Cicero 

Thanks to Mum, Dad, Amy and Sally 
for all of your love and support. I 
would also like to thank my friends, 
classmates, and teammates for the 
great times over the years. Best of 
luck '08! Curahee! 

Andria Ludwig 

Sabrina Lumbert 

Alexander Lundie 

High above the mucky-muck, castle made 

of clouds, 

There sits Wonderboy, sitting oh so 


Not much to say when you're high above 

the mucky-muck. Yeah, yeah. Wonderboy, 

what is the secret of your power? 

Wonderboy, won't you take me far away 

from the mucky-muck. 

Tenacious D 

Brian Fitzy Phil Mitchell Nathan Mason 

Montillio Zach Harris The best friends ever 

And to all my faithful AOE festers 

JD,BD,MM, RD, AT,JU, Len Len 

641 & LS for life 

Thanks to Mom & Tara for always being 

there and 

To all the great teachers I've had at HHS. 


Tessa Lydon 

"We laughed until we cried, we loved 
right down to our last goodbye, and 
over the years we'll smile and recall, 
for just one moment - we had it all" 
Onelove. We get to share it. Amis. 
Thanks guys. Junyaa mints. Marco 
'07. call lovin' sjg-thanks <3. DPs. 5- 
0. concerts. JB love you always. DT ly. 
brewed morning, upper crust nights, 
homecoming, harbor, "shotgun" 
superfans. summer. Thank you and 
love you Mom, Taylor, Em.! Love you 
Dad! Good luck '08! 

Rose Maccarrone 

These are the days we will remember 

These are the times that won't come 


The highest of flames become an 


And you gotta live 'em while you can. 

- Keith Urban 

Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, 

Alicia, and Natalia. 

Good times with all my friends, you 

guys are the best! 

Good luck '08! <3 GN 


<yle MacKenzie 

Sunny days wouldn't feel so special 
f it wasn't for rain, joy wouldn't feel 
;o good if it wasn't for pain." -Curtis 

nade it SUPERFANS, Concerts, Murphy 
jq., the barn, Ullman's, the scout, 
Hingham Hockey, throwing. Summer 
07, MC Chetti's, slate, dp's, sup 
ced productions, orl'07, MV'05-~06. 
/egas06, no shirt pahtys , kmurphs, 
ickytans. Best times of my life with 
he crew, went by way too fast, I will 
lever forget it. Thank you Mom, Dad, 
ind Keith for everything. 
lest In Peace Jimbo. 

Danielle Magner 

Time, like a snowflake, disappears 
vhile you're trying to decide what to 
lo with it." Anonymous 

'hanks to all who made high school 
;ome much fun. It has been a great 
our years, I will miss all of you. Good 
uck class of 2008!! 

'eople come into our lives and quickly 
jo, others stay for a while, leave 
ootprints on our hearts. We are never 
he same. Anonymours 

"^lichael Maguire 

Friendship... is not something you learn 
1 school. But if you haven't learned 
he meaning of friendship, you really 
laven't learned anything." To all my 
riends whether its been a couple days 
ir 12+ years. "Human beings are the 
pnly creatures on earth that allow their 
:hildren to come back home." Thanks 
nom and dad for being there in both 
lood and bad times. Margaret and Will, 
here have been lots of good times and 
nany more to come. Seniors '08. South 
side Sity. JV Superstars. PL Champs 
5-ball and Football Superfans. Back to 
)ack Champs. Hurdle Crew. Jazz band 
light at Papas and T-Bell. "You may 
Jelay, but time will not." "Some men see 
:hings as they are and say why. I dream 
:hjngs that never were and say why not." 

Dana Mackey 



"Just living is not enough. One must 

I^^H ^^—.^ **y^^r^ ^^^^^^^1 


have sunshine, freedom, and a little 



f^ ST^ 

i ' 

-Hans Christian Anderson 

M ^ M 


Mom, Mike, Dad, and Mimi- Thank 

J^^ ^<^^^ m 


you, I love you all .Lizzie, Eleanor, and 

M^^^L. Vaf 


Lucy- Good Luck, love always. I love 

M^Hi^^^B .< 


my friends. Thanks for making it fun. 

wfr^ JBl 


Remember, it's just the beginning! 

mmmJ^ V__L - , fltk 

/ 1 




Molly Magner 

I hope the days come easy and the 
moments pass slow and each road 
leads you where you want to go. 
Mom, Dad, Kev, Jake love you guys 
thanks for everything! BCFL.RMD. 
Friends. Love you! 08- best of luck! 
You better make it count cause you 
can't get it back. 


Paul Mancuso 

The Future is in our hands. 

Raise your glass; we made it Class of 



Gregory Manning 

"Friendship is the hardest thing in the 
world to explain. It's not something 
/ou learn in school. But if you haven't 
learned the meaning of friendship, 
you really haven't learned anything." 
Thanks to my Mom, Dad, Ashley, and 
Heather without all of you I would 
have never gotten through the worst 
and best times of my life. 


^Vflfc' : 

Mark Marcella 


Elizabeth Marjollet 

A Psalm of Life 

In the world's broad field of battle, 
In the bivouac of life, 

Be not like dunnb driven cattle! 
Be a hero in the strife! 

Lives of great men all remind us 
We can make our lives sublime. 
And, departing, leave behind us 
Footprints on the sands of time 

Let us, then, be up and doing, 
With a heart for any fate; 
Still achieving, still pursuing. 
Learn to labor and to wait. 

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

Stephanie i^lartin 

"Wherever you go, go with all your 
heart." -Confucius 

Kath AN Kim Mare Merr Meg Care Kate- 
Can't remember a dull moment- Love 
you so much! 

"the inside is natural, the outside is 

The boys-Great times. ..Love you all! 
Could never forget: Cape trips, Kaths, 
DPs, Junior year with FB, MARCO- the 
city girls-Ali and the mirror-Gram, Car 
rides, Joshs, the second half of sporting 
events, Motown, Concerts, Coffee trips 
down Jerusalem, Having insomnia with 
AB, Junior Mints/Seriioritas, JJs/late night 
McD's, Ski Trips, The Strip, Rec Camp 

Mom Dad Shan Tess- Thanks for 
everything-Love you! 

Good Luck 08! 

Patricl< McAuley 

Katherine l^arshall 

Lauren Mayer 

"The secret of a good life is to have 
the right loyalties and hold them in 
the right scale of values." Thanks 
Mom, Dad, and Allie for everything. To 
my girls-we made it! And I will never 
forget the memories. Matthew, you are 
my only "wordless explanation" 
"The two hardest things to handle 
in life are failure and success." Good 
Luck '08 

Micheal McAuliffe 

Annie McCallum .^^t^^^ 

Meredith McCann 

Good Luck '08!!! 

Nance, Jimbo, Kate, Gram & 

Company, thank you for everything, I 

^^K««Y -lo^^^f^ 

love you. 

W^K^'it^ "^ T^ 

Turks crew. Peg Mark Karen 

St ^' m 

Junior Mints, Hingham Girls Soccer, 

Hingham bball 05-06, Scorps- Kel, 

■M^I^^B tr " -^■itfB 

McGaff, Krist<3 (I'm sporty) 

^^I^^^^IL ^i^^P'I'l^^ 

Friends, I love you so much! Thank 

^^^^^U^-"'- ^^^HIk«iA 

you for everything 

^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^IP 


^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^^ 


^^^^^^^^^V ^^^^^^^^^^1 


^^^^^^^^m ^^^^^^^^^^1 

Canepa, I love you. You're welcome. 

^^^^^^Hr .^^^^^^^^^1 

"Imperfection is beauty; madness is 

^^^^^^^^B ^^^^^^^^^^^^H 


^^^^^^^^A ^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

And it's better to be absolutely 


ridiculous than absolutely boring" 


' Richard McCann 

Don't take life to seriously you'll never 
get out alive. Thank you Mom and 
Dad for everything. 

Michael McCue 

"Life goes by 
pretty fast. If you 
don't stop and 
look around once 
in a while, you 
could miss it." 

Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Maura, and 
Katie for all the 
I love you 


Caroline McDowell 

"What lies behind us and what lies 
jefore us are tiny matters compared 
:o what lies within us." 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson 
'CCSE thanks for an amazing four 
/ears and so many memories - can 
niles truly separate you from friends? 
^om. Dad, Katherine & Chris - thanks 
'or all your love and support. 
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you 
Tiiss, you'll land among the stars." 
3ood Luck Class of 2008! 

John McEachen 

Alison McFarland 

Even though we've changed and 
ve're all finding our own place in the 
vorld, we all know that when the 
ears fall or the smile spreads across 
)ur face, we'll come to each other 
jecause no matter where this crazy 
vorld takes us, nothing will ever 
;hange so much to the point where 
ve're not all still friends." 

Benjamin McGuiggan 

Alicia McGrath 

"One day your life will flash before 
your eyes. Make sure it's worth 
watching." RBVCKCKBJKSD I couldn't 
have done it without you guys! Thanks 
Dad, Katie, Kaylee, Jackie, and Ryan 
for everything you've done. SLH rest 
in peace I miss and love you! It's been 
an amazing four years. Good Luck '08! 

Brendan McVay 


Ashley Melia 

We are the class of 2008 

Finally it's our time now 

These are the times that we'll remember 

Good Luck Everyone 

"Family is the link to our past, bridge to 
our future." 

Mom, Dad, Al, Annie, Amy, Amanda, 
Abby, and Alex You guys are the most 
important part of my life, I love you all 
for everything. 

"The only way to have a friend is to be 


You all are too funny, we have had a 

great time 

"Swimming is normal for me. I'm 
relaxed. I'm comfortable and I know my 
surroundings. It's my home." 
Lane two, no need to be captains 

Michael Messina 

See life as a gift, a gift that's value 

can only be determined by the way 

you live it, and never let a single 

opportunity pass you by it may never 

come again. 

"Never settle for anything less than 

exactly what you want." 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Frankie, and 



Christopher Micarelli 

I rant, therefore I am. 
-Dennis Miller 

Sandra Micelotta 

"Too many times we stand aside 
And let the waters slip away 
Til what we put off 'til tomorrow 
Has now become today 
So don't you sit upon the shoreline 
And say you're satisfied 
Choose to chance the rapids 
And dare to dance the tide" 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Danny for all 
your love and support. 
To my best friends C.S., C.K., CM, P.F, 
E.C. Love you and thanks for always 
being there for me. 

Ray Micarelli 

"I only got seventh-grade education, 
but I have a doctorate in funk." 
James Brown 

Caryn Miller 

"Take what you can from your 
dreams, make them real as anything." 
-Dave Mathews Steph,Merr,Mare, 
Meg, All, Kate, Kim, Kath. Love you 
girls. Thanks boys FB AB JG CP MV 
MJ MM JG RN CL KM. Never forget 
Cape trips to Katie's "show off your 
moves," Kenny07, Rascal Flatts, Fray? 
Kath's, Dp's, Rec camp, Hull, Josh's, 
highway friends, FH 07 Dita CB-my 
twin. Track 07 4x8 girls love you MKS, 
Junior Mints/Senoritas. Mom, Dad, 
Dan, Matt, Kev. Love you, thanks for 
everything. Good Luck '08. 

Abigail Monahan 

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good 
in others; for beautiful lips, speak only 
words of kindness; and for poise, walk 
with the knowledge that you are never 
alone." -Audrey Hepburn Congrats 
'08. Thanks Mom, Dad Caroline 
Kelsey. All my friends Love you! WC: 
;05, '06, '07, '08 So many memories. 

Alison Monahan 

Friends will come and friends will go, 
seasons change and time will show 
that I will age and so will you but our 
friendships will stay strong and true. 
Steph, Mare, Meg, Care, Kath, Kimmy, 

Life is plastic.'s fantastic! 
Dancing, car rides, highway, Kim's car, 
cape, the strip, Marco, Michiganders, city 
girls, oldies, coffee runs, McDonalds, you 
look like a model, sing-a-longs, Kathy's, 
Josh's, concerts, church camp, swimming 
lessons, the bridge, half time, Minnie 
Mouse, Chestnut Hill & many more to 
come. LP, GPP, The Boys - love you all, 
best memories. CWP -good times, woop, 
too funny. Mom, Dad, Billy, Sara -Thanks 
for everything, love you. Never give up 
on the good times: good luck '08!! 



flizabeth Moorhatch 

,, What is that feeling when you're 
il iriving away fronn people and they 
II ecede on the plain till you see their 
jl pecks dispersing?- it's that too-huge 

i/orld vaulting us, and it's good-by. 

lUt we lean forward to next crazy 

enture beneath the skies." 

]ack Kerouac 

love you all, thank you. 

Stephen Morris 

"Freedom, that's just people talking. 
Your prison is walking through 
this world all alone." The Eagles- 
Desparado. To my family.. .Thank you 
for helping me get to where I am. For 
my teachers. ..thanks for passing me. 
To my friends (you know who you 
are) never forget the fun we had. ..The 
boat, Jerusalem on a sunny day, the 
1/4 mile. Summer Jam '07, DAS BOOT. 
Good Luck! 

[athryn Murphy 

[ can't remember all the times I've 
■ied to tell myself to hold on as these 
loments as they passed" I've had 
3 much fun with all my girls: Coffee, 
ndless dance parties, Motown, Getting 
ist. Highway Trips, Late nights at 
IcDonalds, Marco, Sanibel, Concerts, 
/ill Always laugh at: lashboo. Alls falls, 
athtubs, yea they glanced, Jacarandas, 
No you're a wimp, I'd say. Pathfinder, 
legs comments. High school Musical, 
rriving at half time, Rec campers, 
ramps. Dance moves. Faces, Minnie 
louse get out! 

Elastic on the outside, pure on the 

hanks Mom Dad Bri Rosie 
ongrats '08 Best of Luck! 

aura Murphy 

lank you to my family and friends: AJM. 
1D..LalaD-stay strong. RIP: Sammy, Torri, 
d and Chuck and my grandparents. "If you 
ink you can do sometiiing or you think you 
nnot do something, you are right" - Henry 
rd. Always believe in yourself and you can 
I anything. Life is too short, grudges are 
waste of perfect happiness, laugh when 
■u can, apologize when you should, and 
; go of what you can't change, love deeply 
id forgive quickly. Take chances and give 
erything. Life is too short to be unhappy. 
■u have to take the good with the bad, 
lile when you're sad. Love what you got 
It always remember what you had. Always 
rgive but never forget. Learn from your 
istakes but never regret. People change 
id things go wrong, but always remember 
FEGOESON! Remember: "always be 
lurself because the people who mind don't 
atter& the people who matter don't mind"- 
-. Seuss. CongratsClassOf'08-WeDidItl 

>aniel Murray 

Kathryn Murphy 

"Do not go where the path may lead, 
go instead where there is no path and 
leave a trail" 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

A million Thanks to my friends, family, 
and anyone else who has believed in 
my ability to "leave a trail" of my own. 

Best of luck to everyone, and 
remember to do what you have to in 
order to get where it is you eventually 
want to be. 

Michael Murphy 

Michael Nally 




Neal Nelson 

Allison Nevins 

"Live each season as it passes; 
breathe the air, drink the drink, taste 
the fruit, and resign yourself to the 
influences of each." -Thoreau 

Guys, I think we'll make it... 

Thanks to my family and friends 
whose love and support I will continue 
to rely on. 


Tara Nilan 

Thanks mom, dad, colleen and Christopher, I 
love you so much. Thanks to all the teachers 
and staff who've helped me throughout 
the years, you know who you are and you 
don't get paid enough for what you do. 
To my friends, old and new, this ones for 
you>Times were tough, But the memories 
remain. Situations rough. But we overcame. 
Side by side, one for all. Together we grew 
Cause when it's said and done, I'll look back 
on friends like you. Always keep the good 
times with you wherever you go. Don't 
worry too much.. Be kind. Do what makes 
you happy., life's too short not to. 
Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne 
connait point 

Remember kids, cut class not frogs. 
Have a ball ' 08, Be safe!! and keep on 
lookln' up. 
and keep on lookln' up. 

Kara Norton 

"So before we end and then begin 

We'll drink a toast to how it's been 

A few more hours to be complete 

A few more times that I can say 

I've loved these days" 

Love. you. girls: BH.JQ.JS.KS.SK. <3 

Dave, 311, St. Pats day green, new 

years 06/ 07, slate island, the pits, 

Jackie's house creepin, Boston, Cinco 

De Mayo, Cayman islands, weekends, 

crazy nights. III never forget these 

years. RIP SLH. 

Thank you mom and dad. 

"All of a sudden here we are, and here 

we go." 

Good Luck '08! 

Peria Nunez 

Jennifer O'Connell 

"NOBODY expects the Spanish 
Inquisition! Our chief weapon is 
surprise. ..surprise and fear. .fear 
and surprise.... Our two weapons 
are fear and surprise. ..and ruthless 
efficiency.... Our *three* weapons are 
fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency... 
and an almost fanatical devotion 
to the Pope.... Our *four* 
*Amongst* our weapons.... Amongst 
our weaponry.. .are such elements as 
fear, surprise.... I'll come in again." 

Maggie O'Connell 

"Eventually all the pieces fall into 
place, so until then live for the mo- 
ment and laugh at the confusion" 

Thank you family and friends for 


R.A.H.- 9/14/06- Thank you. 

HHS Track 

Tommy T - friends for life 

4x800 Team - K.C.S. I love you girls 

Ciara O'Dea 

"When you come to the end of all the 
light you know, and it's time to step 
into the darkness of the unknown, 
faith is knowing that one of two things 
shall happen: either you will be given 
something solid to stand on or you will 
be taught to fly."- Edward Teller 
To my family, Mum, Dad, Ellen, 
Molly and James thanks for all your 
loving support, I would never have 
succeeded without you. To all my 
friends, thanks for a great time, we've 
had so many adventures, none of 
which I will ever forget. The unknown 
future holds endless opportunities for 
happiness, all of which is ours for the 
taking. MM 


Ilathaniel O'Doherty-Popp 

helsea O'Neil 

hope you still feel small when you 
and beside the ocean, 
henever one door closes I hope one 
ore opens. 

omise me that you'll give faith a 
)hting chance. 

id when you get the chance to sit it 
It or dance... 
lope you dance." 

always knew that looking back on 
e tears would make me laugh, 
lever thought that looking back on 
e laughs would make me cry." 

ve you Mom, Amanda, Thomas. 

Mary Claire O'Donnell 

"true friends are the ones who never 
eave your heart, even if they leave 
your life for a while" 

thanks and love to all my friends and 

thank you mom, dad, kathleen, tom, 
wait, and robert for all your support 
and love throughout the years 
"these are the times that we'll 
remember, breaking the city sight 
together, finally it's our time now" 
Congrats and good luck class of 2008 

Joseph O'Neil 

Elizabeth Olsen 

"I see your smile, I see your face, 
I hear you laughin' in the rain. 
I still can't believe you're gone." 

SLH You'll Always Be In Our Hearts 

5*21*90 - 8*23*06 

No Matter What We Went Through It 

Was Me And My Crew* 


Kathleen Partyka 

"Twenty years from now you will be 
more disappointed by the things that 
you didn't do than by the ones you 
did do. So throw off the bowlines. 
Sail away from the safe harbor Catch 
the trade winds in your sails. Dream. 
Mark Twain 


David Pattavina 

John Pattavina 

Stephanie Perkins 

"I hope the days come easy and the 
moments pass slow, and each road 
leads you where you want to go." 

Amis<3 one love, we get to share it. 
All the good times we had. ..dances, 
football games, sneakies, nights at 
uppercrust, concerts, moments at 
brewed, junior mints, marco '07, 
proms, sex&thecity. 
much love laxers & track girls. Ip 
love, mom, dad, mike, ryan, kevin, 
love & thank you. 

Good luck '08 best of times. 

Steven Perrault 

"If you are determined enough and 
willing to pay the price, you can get 
it done." 

- Mike Ditka 

"The will to succeed is important, but 
what's more important is the will to 

- Bobby Knight 

Kyle Petrucci 

"Running down a dream. It never 
would come to me. Were working on a 
mystery going wherever it leads" 

Casey Phelan 

It was fun bros-ab fb dk mj mv jg- 
ill blast the a/c for ya neck lockout 
griffey behind the shed Amelia 
nice catch state radio 4/28 AMM 
buchholz 23 

Thanks for everything Mom and Dad 
"The world is a game to be played 
So now we lookin at the world, from 
like, behind us" TS 

Kendell Pilgrim 

David Beau Pinkus 


lennalyn Plouffe 

A/e've spent the last four years of our 
ives worrying about this point, but 
we're here and we are still questioning 
)ur future. The only thing I can say 

Remember the good, Forget the bad, 
3e yourself. Do what you want, and 
Always do your best. 

I '11 always remember those who made 
t worth while. 

Loni PustJzzi 

"Two roads diverged in a wood and 
I took the one less traveled by. And 
that has made all the difference."- 
Robert Frost 

I've my life trying to be as differ- 
ent from everyone else as possible 
when now I realize that I would give 
anything to fit in and belong one more 
time. To those of you who have been 
there for me the past 18 years and 
to those of you who I've exchanged 
glances with in the halls, this one's 
for you. 

To my parents, thank you for the 
encouragement and pushing me to 
my limits. Joey thanks for the laughs, 
Lacey I couldn't ask for a better role 
model and to Nancy you're my best 
friend. Thank you for being there and 
putting up with me. I love you all. 
*Catch you in the stair well* 

lonathan Quinn 

lulia Ramsdell 

Crazy friends provide for crazy times 
nd crazy times we've had" 

Jood times with all my friends... 

But, I'll be there for you when the 
ain starts to pour. I'll be there for 
ou like I've been there before. I'll be 
here for you because you're there for 
ne too" 

Jennifer Quirk 

"Problems are one of the few guarantees 
in a lifetime. Make the best of them. 
It's important to stay true to the people 
around you - but it's vital to remain true 
to yourself. Remember that success is 
illimitable - a vague term that is defined not 
only by triumphs, but by a measure of your 
character Give more to the world than what 
you expect in return, and you will receive 
more than you ever hoped for Appreciate 
life's smallest treasures and you'll never fall 
short of happiness. Laugh hard and often, 
recognize the value of those closest to you, 
and most importantly, live tomorrow to a 
further extent than you did today." 


Prashanth Rau 

loshua Reddington 

I'm about to see a million things 
I thought I'd never see before and I 
I'm about to do all of the things 
I've dreamed of and 
I don't even miss you at all" 

Casey Reilly 

"in life we do things, some we wish we had 
never done, some we wish we could replay 
a million times, if we were to reverse any of 
them, we wouldn't be at the exact place that 
we are today, so just live, make mistakes, 
and have wonderful times but never ever 
second guess who you are, where you have 
been, and most importantly, where It is that 
you are going." 

thank you mom and dad, car, sje&co, tor. 
love you forever best friends, one love, 
thanks for everything, "good times" 
summers, DPs, concerts, sneakies, fl with 
kails, upperc nights, harbor, brewed in the 
am, LP love, junyaa mints, 08 superfans. 

live. laugh. love good luck class of 2008 <3 



Noelle Rhodes 

"Twenty years from now you will be 
more disappointed by the things that 
you didn't do than by the ones you 
did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail 
away from the safe harbor. Catch the 
trade winds in your sails. Explore. 
Dream. Discover." 

Colin Robichaud 

"Nothing can stop the man with the 
right mental attitude from achieving his 
goal; nothing on earth can help the man 
with the wrong mental attitude"! love 
you Mom and Dad, thank you for always 
being there with love and support over 
the years and for getting me where I 
am today.I couldn t have done it with 
out you. Good luck in High School Jrod 
and BIno.I love you guys, you're the 
best bros anyone coulcl ask forAlso 
thanks to my friends TI, ME, JR, EF, MG, 
BR for the good times and memories 
that wont be forgotten. HINGHAM XC'07 
UNDEFEATEDBetween speedworkouts 
and laughs I will always treasure the 
values and morals I have taken from 
being a member of this team. Captains 
luck next season boys MYRMIDON!"The 
of '08 1 

Joseph Rocheleau 

Do Your Best, Forget The Rest 

"Joey Simmons" 

Good Times Hanging With Friends 


Thanks Mom, Dad, Will & Andrew 

Daniela Romania 

Amanda Ross 

"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So 
when you riding through the ruts, don't 
complicate your mind. Flee from hate, 
mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your 
thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up 
and Live!" -Bob Marley 
To the ones who kept me laughing and the 
unforgettable times. Girls-One love. Guys- 
Re. Ab. And all the rest you know who you 
are. Seniors '08, Superfans, Homecoming, 
wild weekends, souija boy, "wile out". It's 
been fun. Thanks for it all. Young 'lyss and 
K-tal- Nothing but craziness and love. Cape 
love. Mom/Dad-Thank you for the endless 
love and support. Ryan-My big brother, 
thanks for it all, love forever, "Grease". To 
everyone else who was along for the ride. 
No regrets. 

Jaime Russell 

When the wind fills my sail 

Riding on a lifelong swell 

Let my heart take me where it wants to go 

I'll never forget the wonderful memories... 



Love you so much Mom, Dad, Danielle & 

the kids 

Lauren Roth 

"Happiness is like peeing your pants. 
Everyone can see it, but only you feel the 
- Unknown 

"When the race gets hard to run it just 
means you can't take the pace" 
-Bob Marley 

Thanks to my friends for always being there 

for me, even if I don't remember 

Mom, Dad, and Lia: thanks for everything 

Seattle- SF: 939 

It's been real. 

Francis Ryan 



1 laggie Ryan 

j, wenty years from now you will be more ..i^^^i. 
f sappointed by the things you didn't do jl^^^^^ifc. 
■\ 'en by the ones you did. So throw off ^g ^fck 
: ;e bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. ^K -^ flMi^^B 
: atch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, ^^^^^j jf^M -^ ^^ ^H^M^^arf 
ream. Discover." - Mark Twain wKKf^^^^M. '^"^^IJH ^B^^^IVi' 
love you Mom, Dad, Meredythe, Sarah, B^S^^HH^ - v-V^ ^^E 
-iristopher, and Will (and Dudley)! 'I^B^^P .^^B 
1' lank you so much for always being there jH^B \^^^^KL^ 
r ^^irid^^^^B ^^^^^^^^ 
ove every one my ^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^^ 

was K^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B 

Tanya Schiavo 

Life's too short to be anything 
but happy. My family thanks for 
everything I love you. BestFriend's/ 
TrueG's I love you today tomorrow 
FOREVER. Fairness does not govern 
life & death if it did, no good person 
would ever die young. SLH Y always 
and forever love. SENIORS '08 GOOD 

eter Schlesinger 

jow this is not the end. It is not even 
e beginning of the end. But it is, 
;rhaps, the end of the beginning." 
Winston Churchill 

Kevin Sestito 

Thank you Mom and Dad I couldn't 
have done it without you, and to all 
my friends we will always have the 
good times and great memories. 
Good Luck Class of 2008 

lexandra Shabo 

ike me to the place I love 

ke me all the way' 

To be part of the wave can't stop' 

5- 'We know each other better 

an we know ourselves 

ce freaks of a feather 

i rock together' 

eirdre Shaw 

how me your achievement, and the 
lowledge will give me courage for 
ine." - Ayn Rand 

lank you to every one of my 
achers, my family, and of course my 
!St friends (you know who you are). 

Iheers, love!" 

Bridgit Shaefer 

"Life only avails, not the having lived" 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson. Thanks 
Mom, Dad, and Sam for your love and 
support! "Friendship isn't a big thing- 
it's a million little things." Thanks to 
all of my friends for so many great 
times over the years! 

Caitlyn Shepard 

weird how time passes by so fast 
all of a sudden the present becomes the past 
we've prepared for this day for years 
although we hadn't prepared for so many 
tears looking back at the football games 
and that school dance suddenly we wish we 
had just one more chance all we've got left 
are memories of the good times it's sad to 
hear the bells last chime now it's time to say 
goodbye to it all goodbye to friends hanging 
out at the mall it's time to move on it's 
graduation time. Thanks to everyone whos 
helped me along the way and been there for 
me. Congratulations class of '08. ..we finally 
made it! Thanks mom, dad, Jon, nonnle, 
Brie-z, Shell, RD, MC, JC, KP and all the 
other people who have brought the good 
times along! Luv ya! 


Vanessa Sica 

"The future belongs to those who 

believe in the beauty of 

their dreams"-Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Thanks to my family 

and friends for all the love and 


Courtney Smith 

"Believe in your dreams and they may 
come true; believe in yourself and 
they will come true" 

Thanks Mom and Dad for always 
being there for me. You are the best 
parents and I love you both so much. 
To my best friends— you guys are 
amazing. Thanks for all the priceless 
moments we've shared. Without you, 
high school just wouldn't be the same. 

Keirsten Stelzer 

"It all comes back to you, your gonna 
get what you deserve. Try & test that, 
your bound to get served. Loves what 
I got, don't start a riot. "-Sublime. Stay 
classy '08. Much love to all,esp.J.Q,S. 
K,B.H,K.N,J. S.Chelsea: Always stay 
true to yourself,lala's.J.C.MISS U.Carpe 
Diem: Hummarock '07, Homecoming 
Jr. Year,311&Dave, WompyWalks,Jeruz 
,Fireworks/C.S.'06,FHB,Surf trips, 1/4 
mile,Killington/Stoughton Mountain 
'07, Catching the sunrise, The'all-nighter', 
Sundayafternoons, Boston adventures. 
Batman, bombin'mlnivan, gunrock, 
Spidey & Wee-man. RIP Torrence, Bagel 
Shop,That70'sshow game, Harry PotterDa 
ys,Theblackhole, Kang'stumbleatcrits, 18'" 
birthdays, GioiaTango,Jibba's.Icouldn't 
have spent my timeanyotherwayThanks& 
love:Mom, Dad,Gretchen&Erich 

Ashley Smith 

"I know we'll be alright. This is our 
today; it's so beautiful. I hope it lasts 
forever like the music in our heads." 
- Johnny McDaid 

Mom, papa, and Alison - thank you 
so much for all of the support you've 
given me throughout the years. Big 
up to all of my friends for everything! 
The past four years have been 

As Quarter would say: 
"Good luck to ya now!" 

Kathleen Sowyrda 

If you shoot for the moon, you might 

fall and catch a star 

Live with a passion, you can never go 


Your life is a story you are constantly 

writing, if you don't write it, someone 

else will. 

Laugh until you cry, it's funnier. 

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Jenny for 

all your support. 

Friends too, we had some great times, 

let's not forget! 

Love you guys! 

Sarah Stone 

"Though no one can go back and 
make a brand new start, anyone can 
start from now and make a brand new 
ending" -Unknown 
"Every problem has a solution. If 
there isn't a solution, then there isn't 
a problem" -Mr. G. Bliss 

Kaelyn Sullivan 

Trust me friend a hundred years goes 

faster you think Don't blink -Kenny 


Dad, Mom, Jer, Pat, Luke, Jenn & Bren 

Thank you for everything! RMD Lax 

Love Good Luck 08! 

Enjoy The Ride 

Stephen Sypek 

"The greatest accomplishment is not in 
never failing, but in rising again after you 
fall."-Vince Lombardi 
Its been a great four years. From 
arcades to NHL in Johnson's room, it's 
been fun. Spin-o-ramas, high, far, fast, 
Thursday morning 5 AMs, basketball 
games, football superfans, A-Tree, Mrs. 
Johnson's breakfast sandwiches. "Why 
isn't the countdown going down?" "I'm 
not bragging but.. " "We just graduated... 
from college." I've had a great four 
years and have had so many memorable 
moments. Thanks to my parents, family, 
friends, coaches, and all those that have 
helped me get through high school. 


I leg Talewsky 

I Life was meant to be lived, and 
i uriosity must be l<ept alive. One 
lust never, for whatever reason, turn 
is back on life." Thank you to my 
amily for their love and support. And 
3 all my friends, thanks for all the 
mazing memories...! love you! Good 
jck class of '08. 

Hilary Taverna 

)on't ask what the world needs. Ask 
hat makes you come alive, and go 
D it. Because what the world needs 
people who have come alive." 
om. Dad, Hannah, Rocky, and Sam- 
lanks for never quitting on me, I 
ve you all. Hockey loves, I'll miss 
)u: "Let's celebrate and remember 
year in the life of friends." France 
D07, an incredible time with amazing 
lends. Best of luck Class of 2008, it's 
ily the beginning. "To infinity, and 

atherlne Tuite 

(/ith each new day it becomes more 
)parent to me that everything and 
eryone in this world is connected in 
me beautiful and inexplicable way, 
id the more I accept that, the more 
/ world seems to come together." 
Andrew McMahon 

my friends, you guys are amazing. 
) many good memories, I love you 

so much! 

lanks to my family for always being 
ere. I love you! 

erek Ullman 

line mile skid, on a ten mile ride, Hot 
it cool inside, Cat on a tin roof, Dogs 
a pile, nothing left to do but smile, 
nile, smile." Thanks to Dad and Megan 
10 were there for me through the 
!St times and the worst times. Mom 
tie and Sophie I couldn't I have made 
through with out you guys. To my 
ends in Hanover, PHSRTHMTJYMMRJ 
id the summer time crew in Hingham 
iforgettable.And of course the ladies, 
just wouldn't have been the same 
■thout you. Summer fest and Monster 
m 07' hilarious. Late Night crew 
lyone? HinghamWrestling thanks for 
great season boys.HanoverWrestling 
)u guys are the best thanks for all of 
e support. KEPwaddupman?! miss and 

j \/e you forever babe, your always in 

' y heart. 

Richard Tantillo 

"The future is no place to place your better 
days" -Dave Matthews 

It was a good run boys, thanks for all 
the memories. I'll Always Remember- 
growing up at the Gallen's, ULLMAN'S, 
sneakies, throwing. Gill's boat, Joey's on 
the weekend, superfans, no shirt pahty's, 
CP, living at Johnson's freshmen-sophomore 
year, tea parties down at the gas dock, 
picking up J Dilla bright and early, sup ked 
productions. Slate Island, street with the 
fellas, concert tailgates, getting a little too 
competitive with Sype, Grove Ave, waking 
up with Nate, Hingham Hockey, always 
arguing with Nally, reeling in hoagies with 
Ferrucci, trying to find Leary the next 
morning, and everything with Johnson. 
Best Days of my life. Thank you Mom and 
Mrs. Johnson for everything. 

-Rest In Peace Jimbo Leary. 

Kathryn Tomsho 

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien 

Non, Rien De Rien, Non, Je Ne Regrette 


Ni Le Bien Qu'on M'a Fait, Ni Le Mai 

Tout Ca M'est Bien Egal 

Non, Rien De Rien, Non, Je Ne Regrette 


C'est Paye, Balaye, Oublie, Je Me Fous 

Du Passe 

Avec Mes Souvenirs J'ai Allume Le Feu 

Mes Shagrins, Mes Plaisirs, 

Je N'ai Plus Besoin D'eux 

Balaye Les Amours Avec Leurs Tremolos 

Balaye Pour Toujours 

Je Reparas A Zero 

Non, Rien De Rien, Non, Je Ne Regrette 


Ni Le Bien Qu'on M'a Fait, Ni Le Mai 

Tout Ca M'est Bien Egal 

-Edit Piaf 

Jeffrey Ulchak 

Difficulties mastered are opportunities 

- Winston Churchill 

Max Vaickus 

"This is just a dream, so I blink tight, 
open up my eyes but the end is in my 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Tia, and Louie 
for being patient and helping me 
through this. Josh's Basement 04'- 
06' Danny's Basement 07'-08' Sixty 
Saturdays Lockout Reggie Wayne 
K-Murph's Pool Basketball Steph's 
Tub Jams "Risk vs. Reward" The 
Fray Summer Six Flags The Kitchen 
Cabinet Swimming Cross It The South 
Shore Country Club CPP and LP Good 
Times Lacrosse, Cross Country, and 
The Carter 
Good luck everyone 


Tyler Waldecker 

The world ain't all sunshine and 
rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty 
place It will beat you to your knees 
and keep you there permanently if you 
let it. You, me or nobody is going to hit 
as hard as life. But it ain't about how 
hard you hit, it is about how hard you 
can get hit and keep moving forward, 
how much can you take and keep 
moving forward. That's how winning 
is done! 

Gregory Walsh 

Never quit. It is the easiest cop-out 
in the world. Set a goal and don't quit 
until you attain it. When you do attain 
it, set another goal, and don't quit 
until you reach it. Never quit. 
Bear Bryant 

Don't measure yourself by what you 

have accomplished, but by what you 

should have accomplished with your 


John Wooden 

Zachary Walker 

Charles Wasson 

"Success is not final, failure is not 
fatal: it is the courage to continue that 
counts." DMB, Nantucket, Taco Bell, 
Hingham Harbor Thank you mom. 
Dad, Jen, and Courtney, couldn't have 
made it without you. Good times at 
Soccer and Track. Special thanks to 
Dave and Fred Jewett. 

Connor Watson 

"Don't despair because it's over, smile 
because it happened." To my teachers, 
I couldn't have made it this far with- 
out you. To my Mom, my Dad, Megan, 
and Caitlin, thank you for supporting 
me through all of this no matter what. 
To my friends, we've had a lot of fun 
and plenty of laughs; I will never 
forget you. "We must walk consciously 
only part way toward our goal, and 
then leap in the dark to our success." 

Leah Webster 

Amazing how we all want this life a 

little more everyday. 

It's crazy how we pick ourselves up 

just to let us down anyway. 

The one thing that you're missing is 

loungin' on the log right next to you. 

So pick up that precious something 

and relax for a delicate few. 

Thank you so much to my family Morri, 
Dad, Cliffie and Margaret, and to my 
teachers and coaches, I couldn't have 
done it without you. 
Thanks so much to all my friends for 
all the good times we have had. Good 
Luck "08 

Certain flaws are necessary for the 
whole. It would seem strange if old 
friends lacked certain quirks." 

Russell Way 

Anna Weiser-Woodward 


Brendan Welch 

"Its not whether you get knocked 
down, its whether you get up" - Vince 
Lombardi Thank you mom and dad 
for always being there Thank you to 
nny friends Good luck class of "08 

Brie Williams 

Hey, cool! Is that. .Oh waitlls this another 
VIE moment?!"Is this really a wise 
strategy for living?Insisting that most of 
ife isn't to be taken seriously, relentlessly 
/iewing it as a cosmic joke. Having only 
bur guiding principles: Ido as little harm 
others as possible, 2be there always for 
^our friends, 3 be responsible for yourself 
jnd ask nothing of others, 4grab all the 
unyou canPut no stock in the opinions of 
anyone but those closest to you. Forget 
about leaving a mark on the world. Ignore 
:he great issues of your time and thereby 
mprove your digestion. Don't dwell on the 
3ast. Don't worry about the future. Live in 
he moment. Trust in the purpose of your 
jxistence and let meaning come to you 
nstead of straining to discover it. When 
ife throws a hard punch rollwith it but roll 
vith laughterCatch thewave,dude!CONGR 

Allison Wigandt 

Reach out and open the door that no 
one thought could be opened. Life is 
behind it. We don't have an eternity to 
realize our dreams, only the time we 
are here. If you risk nothing, you risk 


R.I. P. Young Sammy, your memory is 
never passing. 

Nathaniel Wilse 

A Product of Earth. 

Sethany Wolfert 

You can chase a dream 

'hat seems so out of reach 

vnd you know it 

night not ever come your way 

)ream it anyway" 

This world's gone crazy 

nd it's hard to believe 

hat tomorrow will be better than today 

ielieve it anyway" 

Just Keep Swimming" g 

hanks to my Family: Mom, Dad, Jess, 

Srandma, etc. 

hanks to my Friends: HMH, JMK2, SCB 

hanks for the memories! 

iongratulations Class of 2008, we did 

Lora Zabel 


A Qsy in the Life... 

A10:30 a.m.-Chhs and Steph share a laugh aii:oo a.m.-Lisa and Mike stop All:55 a.m.-The girls in the library are all smiles. I . 

during oceans. ^.^ ^^^^ |^ between classes. It's almost lunchtime! 


45:00 p.m. -Liz and Casey keep warm at a 
football game. 

A8:00 p.m. -Alison, Carly, and Jess take a break 
from dancing to smile for the camera. 

All:00 p.m. -Bye! Canepa and 
Amanda are outta here. 


Where is the 




When you go to Starbucks, it's always fun to draft some 

unsuspecting guy into playing checkers... especially when 

you're dressed in a big yellow suit. 

Hingham people like to think that Hingham doesn't 
have any hobos... shows how much they know. 

The classic drive-by - The Harborman 
trying to steal Santa's job. 

The Harborman trying to hide from the 
Brewed staff after stealing a cup of coffee. 



Yo Ho Ho and up the slide we go (with a bottle of water). 

Chillaxin' at the library with Cosmo. 
Harborman gotta have style too! 

Gotta love the bagles. 

Somewhere over West Hingham, where blue birds fly, 
there must be a Harborman somewhere near by... 








laM ay6 tde^ OA^cumi^^^ 

Jasmine and Heather arrive with thier dates. 

Looking glamorous and ready to dance! 

Merri, Lisa, and caryn flash a perfect smile. Kathryn and Elizabeth show off their dresses. Kaelyn, Julia, and Molly strike a pose. 


Nate, Mike, and Sean looking fresh to death. Megan, Allison, Mary, Kathryn, and Julie Megan passes a breathalyzer test 

take a break. 


^oss and Maggie dance the 
night away. 

Dan and Katie show off their Mark and Becky share a dance. Kathehne and Lisa break 

moves. it down. 

sten and Chelsea look ravishing. 

All lined up and ready to go. 

Lauren and Jamie wait to go in. 



@[? ffQCJgS 


▲ Getting the last spot in close, and saving yourself a 
walk from far. 

Counting the seconds 'til 
the end of the day. 

48 was the 
worst of 


▲ Rushing to class, arriving two 
minutes late, and still, no matter how 
much you begged, recieving detention. 


▲. Homecoming in the rain, Freshman and 
Jenior year. 

Jk. Scrounging up $1.50 from your 
"friends", just to have your drink get stuck 
in the machine. 

Pulling an ^ 
all-nighter on 
your WAC, only 
to recieve a 
terrible grade. 

^ Being 
called to 
the office. 




Kaileigh, and 

Julie wait in line 

to get 

breathalized at 


Keirsten, Jen, Liz, Becl<y, Julie, and Steph 
dance the night away at snowball! 

Emily, Jenny, and Noelle 
hang out before class starts. 

Kenzie and Molly grab books 
for next period! 

Deirdre, Caroline, Elizabeth, Caroline, Alison, Carly, 
and Jess take a break from dancing to take a picture. 

Sarah, Mary, Alison, and Meghan 
smile at the homecoming football ganni 

Bridget and Katie 
chill in the morning. 

Jess gets 

her dance 

on before 

school in 

Mr. H's 

room! Girls show their support to the football boys on the sideline. 

Canepa gets her groove on ^ 




\J, Jeoung, Kyle, Chris, and Beau take a break from 
dancing to take a quick picture! 

Brendan and Robbie give thumbs up 
to the camera at lunch! 

Chris has a big smile since it's 
finally 2:32! 

Colin fits in his last minute homework while talking 
to Mike, Mike, Kyle, Tyler, and Connor at lunch! 


Robert thinking he's funny 
getting in the picture of Mike. 

e singing to Kenny all night long 

Alec, lovin' the dreadlocks! 

Mike walking into school, wishing 
he was home sleeping. 









Alison looks happy in the company of her boy toy. 

Mike looks sly in his red jeep. 

Julie hops into her saab, 
ready to go home for the day. 




Vith a car full of friends, Casey heads off to far. 

John, Graham, Sean, and Ricky 
hop into John's Altima and take off for the weekend. 

Brian, Phil, and Alex look picture perfect. 


Dan handles the catch of the day. 

Tessa, AJ, and Lisa are ready to serve at Upper Crust. 

Laura, Casey, and Kaileigh set up for dinner time at Linden Ponds. 


McKenzie is all smiles while wrapping a gift at La Petite Maison. 

S ah is ready to take care of your laundry at Dependable 
C aners. 



Hingham High School 


Loni puts herself to sleep with a lullaby. 

Steph, Keirsten & Katherine 
are Tricky after taking third place. 

Seniors on the Dance Team pose 
after they open up the Lip Sync with "Gimme More". 


th, Keirsten and King take 
me for a laugh after their 

Mike Gill crips out for a solo moment during freeze dance 

Gong is too sexy for his shirt. 

Sal and Grace rock out 
with their face paint and spit fake blood. 

Affy, Connor & Rob jam to Intergalactic. 

Katherine, Keirsten, and Steph 
practice their moves. 





Mr. Hutchenson becomes Mr. Melanson for a 

Lisa, Lauren, Casey, Tessa, Liz and Julie are feeling green! 

Caryn and Steph are ready to race in their Cool 
Runnings uniforms! 

Chelsea and Allison. ..the new franklins. 


Megan, Allison, Katherine, Katie, and Kim look oh-so- 
retro in their 80's outfits. 

Liz looks stylish for the camera. 









The Hingham Harbormen Football Team completed an exciting champion- 
ship season led by captains Matt Cawley, Chris Constantine, Josh Golden, 
and Richard McCann. They were undefeated in the Patriot League with 
key victories against Duxbury and Rockland, finishing the season with a 
winning record of (10-2), and earning them the Patriot League title. The 
team went on to defeat Seekonk (10-7) in the Playoffs, with Mike Egan 
kicking the winning field goal with less than a minute left to play. The 
2007-2008 Season ended with a trip to the Eastern Massachusetts Divi- 
sion 2A Superbowl held at Gillette Stadium. Although the team suffered 
a loss to Gloucester, their accomplishments were great. 

*Denotes Captain 











siiSiE;iAMrtL t-^ V. 


^ >f •K*"'^'*!^' 








t^ * 

i* 38 * 







^<^i f 


ft^M ii. »> UOOOCHft. 



6A1 32 
"^WP" J 


*" SIDE sect 13.-133 

E-ST SIOE SECT iw-lli 

SAT OK 1.2M7 9:38AH 



'7 WUS'S'/^ S'^. 







" John 













Hingham High School Cheerleading has had a great season this 
year. The captains, Julia O'Keefe and Sara Shawles led the team 
through routines that used the songs "Bling Bling," "Like This," and 
"Do Somethin'." They did an incredible job cheering the football 
team to many victories this year. The coaches. Crystal Spedden 
and Jen Giachetti provided excellent routines and stunts for the 
team. The other team members include, Katelyn Spedden, Rachael 
Cullen, Sydney Frasier, and Remy Daghler. 

Julia and Katelyn 
practicing their routine. 

Sara attempting a stunt I 
with her teamates. Il 

Sara and teammates 
getting the crowed pumped up 

Jen Giachetti (coach), Katelyn, 

Sydney, Rachael, Crystal Spedden(coach), 

Julia, and Sara. 

Sara, Julia, and Remy. 



The Dance Team won't forget the year they had together. Led by coach 
Jenn Feeney, the girls began with practices over the summer to prepare 
for the homecoming pep rally. They kicked their fall season off with a 
great performance and had many more great experiences. Some includ- 
ing dancing at Lulu Lemon, the Thanksgiving pep rally, and under the 
lights at the New Bedford play off game. The girls worked extremely hard 
and had fun along the way. With a combination of hard work and origi- 
nal choreography, the Dance Team created a memorable 2007 season. 

.iz Fitzgerald Tessa Lydon Cassandra Katsilieris Lisa Hardey Allison Wigandt 


This yearthe 2007 Hingham Field Hockey Team 
had yet another unbelievable season led by senior 
captains Jaime Russel, Cece Baggott and Mary Claire 
O'Donnell. They were the undefeated patriot league 
champions for the second year in a row and finishing 
up their season with an unbelievable record of 8 - 5 
- 6. Many of the team members were even chosen by 
other league coaches to be league all-stars. 
* Denotes captains 







' "V-^ 

Hey Sally, 

Stick Skills 

|5eno, Meg, Jimbo, Sarah, Ashley, All and Keirsten 
tch intently as we grasp the League title. 


starting off with only one win during their- 
freshnnan season, the senior boys worked hard to end 
their high school cross country careers with an unde- 
feated season. Led by captains Tyler Waldecker, Colin 
Robichaud, Mike Messina, Frannie Black, and coach 
Mr Jewett, the boys had a fantastic season. The team 
was very close and loved working together They 
will never forget their meet against Duxbury, which 
was their greatest victory. The boys didn't just enjoy 
the meets, but spending time together at pasta din- 
ners and other events. With their hard work, heart, 
and comradery the boys made a memorable season 
and claimed the title as Patriot League Champions. 

Frannie Black* 

Mike Messina* Tyler Waldecker* Colin Robichaud* 

Brian Karimi 

AJ Balta 




;n makes his way around Seniors Max, Frannie, Greg, and Colin. .smile.. i-m>:^ 
the corner for the camera. 

The boys show off their winning plaque. 

Jason takes a deep breath as he runs 
strong to the finish. 

■ Max Vaikus 

Chinmay Paranjape 

Greg Manning 

Jeff Ulchack 

Ben McGuiggan 


eiiLe' Close 

Led by coach Mrs. Kates and senior captains 
Carly Comins and Alex Shabo, the girls cross country team 
had yet another great season. Preping during the summer 
with an average of 40-45 miles a week, the squad went 
into the season with great determination and a passion to 
win. The girls swept through the Patriot League with an un- 
defeated record and were the league champs for the third 
year in a row. The team finished off the season with a place 
in the EMass Division 3 Championship and one runner who 
placed in All States. Overall the girls had an outstanding 
season and with the underclassmen who contributed this 
year, they should have more fantastic seasons to come. 
^''Denotes Captains 

Carly Comins* 

Deirdes got her game face on. 

Courtney Smith 

Shauna pulls ahead. 


aroline, and Courtney lead the pack. ■ 

Lauren Canepa 

Maggie O'Connell 

Leah Webster 

Sabrina Lumbert 

Caroline Kingsto: 



Look at that determination! 

Carly, Maggie, and Alex finish strong! 


*5ti!i ridririt;r< 

CliiiL- Gcfig 

Led by Captains Rober- Barrect, Charlie Wasson^ and Sean 
Flanne^^ the 2007 Hingham Harbormen Boys' Soccer Team 
had another great season. Tlie boys' record of 6-6-6 does 
not show how strong this team was. Although they outplayed 
most of their opponents^ the boys had a little trouble putting 
the ball in the net. However, the cefense, led by sweeper 
Charlie Wasson, did not mess around. The defense was one 
of :he best Hingham has ever had. Even though their record 
was not outstanding, the unity and camaraderie of this squad 
will assure that this is a season these boys will always 



* ■JcriCiLcji Cci;:tsii"! 

G I 1 L 8 


S i C C E ■ 

The girls' soccer team ended the season with a record 
of 7-7-4 this year, led by captains Kelly Collins and Merri 
McCann. Together, the girls conqured teams such as 
Mansfield, Scituate, and Braintree, and their outstand- 
ing performance on the field carried them all the way to 
tournament. The girls beat Mansfield 1-0 and made it to 
the first round of the state tournament where they lost 
to Dighton-Rehoboth 2-1. 
*denotes captains 


Caroline Blake 

Sarah Celin 

Kelly Collins" 

Caroline Kracunas Elizabeth Kracunas 


AThe girls cheer on Caroline as AMerri smiles after a victory, 

she takes the field. 


Merri takes down the competition. 


Dana Mackey 


EM y 25^ 

Annie McCallum 

Merri McCann* 

Katherine Marshall 

Kendell Pilgrim 


PiTS' eiLF 

The Hingham High Golf team put yet another 
great belt under their belt this year. The team 
finished with a record of 14-3. Captain Steve 
Sypek led the team with heavy contribution 
from Matt Chouinard, Kevin Lally, Brendan 
McVay, and Zach Walker. The team worked 
extremely well together and found themselves 
competing once again at the Division II South 
Sectinoals. The highlight of the season was 
beating Duxbury, who had not lost yet. 
The harbormen are looking forward to another 
great year with a lot of returning golfers. 
* Denotes captains 

1^ ^'Mil"^'^^ 

Matt keeps track of his awesome scores. 


Brendan McVay 

Steve Sypek* 

Zach Walker 


Zach figures out his put on the last hole. 

Juniors Kevin and Matt 
lookin' fly on the on the course. 



JV can't wait till they play next year. 

Kenzie is in ready position. 

Preparing for a block. 

Amber bumps the ball back into 


Kailey Curley 

Amber Dubois 

Sarah Stone 




Laura finishes the season 
with a snnile. 

The team lines up. They are ready for another great game! 











19 f > \ 


The Boys' Basketball team had a great season! Led by coach 
Bob Kniffen and captain Nate Popp, the 2007-2008 team 
earned a solid record of 15-6. Promising seniors included 
Casey Phelan, David De Las Morenas, Tyler Eddy, Geoff Ebbs 
and Pat McAuley. The team faced off against rivals such as 
Duxbury, Rockland and Scituate. 

Nate Popp 

Casey Phelan 

Tyler Eddy 

David De Las Morenas Pat McAuley 

Geoff Ebbs 


APat takes a breather. 

Geoff shoots a three pointer. 


The 2007-2008 Varsity girls basketball team was led by cap- 
tain Lauren Canepa and seniors Caroline Kracunas, Elizabeth 
Kracunas, Kayla Fahy, and Annie McCallum. The team had a 
rocky start, defeated early on by rival teams Duxbury and Rock- 
land, but followed up with wins against teams such as Pembroke, 
Middleboro, and Brookline. Many promising underclassmen 
ensure that Hingham Girls Basketball will have many success- 
ful seasons to come. The team finished with a record of 6-13. 
^Denotes Captain 

22 ■"i^B 3 K 44 4 21 


Lauren Canepa 

Kayla Fahy 

Caroline Kracunas 

Elizabeth Kracunas 

Annie McCallum 




The Hingham Harborwomen have had an incredible season this year. 
Senior captain, Laura Hogan had some great routines. Meredith Donlan, 
also a senior, had a great bar and floor routine. The new, freshmen, to the 
team had a great season as well and hope to continue to contribute to the 
team's wins. 



The Hingham High Boys' Varsity hockey 
team has continued their success for yet 
another year. They finished their season 
with an impressive 17-3-2 record, with 
key wins over St. John's Prep, IMedford, 
Weymouth, and Westford Academy. The 
team was led by senior captains Steve 
Sypek and Conor Leary. The team took 
it to another Super 8 appearance. They 
lost after an amazing game resulting 
in a shoot out against Maiden Catholic. 






Steve Sypek' 

Mike Gi 

Chris Johnson 

Mike Ferrucci 

Alex London 



Versus Notre Dame during the Hingham Cup. Emily stands by the gate as 

Hingham enters the rink. 

Versus Quincy 



Hillary Taverna 

'Emily Jennings 

*Meg Findley 

The senior girls gather for a picture. 
* Denotes Captain 


The Hingham High School Ski Team had a very successful 2007/2008 season. The senior captain Kim 
Burke, along with the help of junior captain Cori Polonski, led the girls team to second place in our league 
which meant that they earned a trip to the state championships at Wachussett Mountain at the end of the sea- 
son. They could not have done it without the fantastic scores from the rest of the girls team. Juniors 
Annie Gomez and Lexi Casale were both key racers in the line up who helpd the girls to such a great 

On the boys' side, junior captain Mike Savery also led the team to the state championship by placing 
second place in the league as well. He had plenty of help from some dominant underclassmen that consistentl) 
finished with great times. Softmore Terrence Morrisey was a star on the race course and finished as the second 
place boy in the league. Softmore Willie Glennon and freshman Brian Roche were right behind him as they 
both finished in the top ten as well. Since many of the top racers from hingham are younger, the Hingham 
High Ski Team will continue to be a fierce competitor for the next few years. 


Willie is in the start 

The girls are all smiles before 
the race 

Just having fun at Ragged! 

Brian Roche is lookin' sharp 

Terrence Morrisey gives a free 
lesson on how to ski 

Ross enjoys himself 

Kyle Petrucci is just chillin' Brian Roche gets advice 

Johnny Sommers is a Annie Gomez loves ^ 

German Superstar ^^ ^ij^ coats Willie is deep in thought Tommy Vangel is hot out of the 



*Rose Maccarrone *Kelly Collins *Mary Clair O'Donnell 

Lauren Roth 

Nicole Burbridge 

Kailey Curey 


Chelsea Lee 

Jill Bowering 

Ashley Melia 

Lilly Holt 

Heather Horrijzan 

Bethany Wolfert 



* Denotes 

Mike Jones 


Mike J. concentrates 
before the handoff 

Mike E. preps 
for the race 

Charlie hands off 
the baton to Dana 

Paul's face screams 






Charlie Wasson* Colin Robichaud Mike Messina 

Paul Mancuso 

l^L ' 

Connor Watso 


en McGuiggan Rich McCann* 

Philip Kim 

A. J. Balta 

Frannie Black* 




E e 

The Girls Indoor Track team has run, jumped and thrown to the top of the Patriot League standings. Being in first place is nothing 

new to the team: they have won the Patriot League Championship the last four years in a row. Led by a team with many seniors and 

able captains (Allison Nevins, Stephanie Boss, Jennalyn Plouffe, Maggie O' Connell, and Stephanie Perkins), the 2007-2008 team will 

be remembered for it's strength, the school records it has set, and it's quality performances. It is a huge task to coordinate a team of 

60 girls, but we have been able to form a cooperative and succesful track team. 


Allison Nevins 















Anne Feldman 

Ashley Bizzell 

Carly Comins 




Caryn Miller 




Cece Baggot 


Kaelyn Sullivan 

Jennalyn Plouffe 

Julia Ramsdell 



^Denotes a Captain 

The wrestling team, led by captains Chris Constantine, Andrew Corson, Neal 
Nelson, and Derek Ullman, finished the year at 17-6, with a league record of 
5-3. Some of the other seniors that made contributions to the team were Mike 
Argiro, Jeoung Kim, Steve Morris, Chinmay Paranjape, and Dave Pattavina. 
The team finished 3rd at the Division 3 South Sectional Tournament. Senior 
captains Chris Constantine and Neal Nelson both won Division 3 South 
Sectional Championship Titles. 

Andrew Corson* 

David Pattavina Mike Argiro Chinmay Parandjape Jeoung Kim 








fio Discriminatii 



Cytertji-4( Amc'OVD 


' I If-/ 


Caryn looks to Ashley for support. 



Hingham Student Facilitators of 
The Anti-Defamation League 

John, Matt and Kurt seem enthused, while Dan finds his 
hat more interesting. 

Lexi cant stop thinking about what the school climate 
would be like without ADL. 

Ashley shares some laughs during the ADL ice-breakers. 

Chris asks himself, "Do I have what it takes to be an ADL 




AFS was originally founded as an ambulance service dur- 
ing the world wars. Afterwards, it evolved into an ex- 
change program to build friendships across the globe. 
Every year, the AFS club visits another town in the United 
States, then, the AFS club in that town visits us. This 
year AFS went on exchange to Westlake, Ohio. In previ- 
ous years, AFS went to Lenoir, North Carolina, Goodland, 
Kansas, and Shaker Heights, Ohio. Additionally, many in- 
ternational students have visited Hingham through AFS. 
We've made a lot of friends over the years! 

^ The group poses in front of 
Newbury Comics in Harvard 

Chelsea and Rachel smile, 
despite two day train rides! > 

The club takes a windy boat- 
ride into Boston with students 
from Goodland High School. 

<THE BIG EASEL. #1 Tour- 
ist Attraction in Goodland, 

Adam, Emily, Sarah, and Molly pose for a 
quick picture. 

Enzo and Molly get pumped for a game 
of Ping Pong. 

Molly, Katie, Adam, and Ethan for the 




Working hard to get those peti- 
tions in order. 

We fight with our pens. 

Mike checks some addresses. 

^'^y t. Amnesty 

A^O \^ 

I got the envelopes" 

Saving the world one buck 
at a time! 


Fighting to save victims of 

As a high school chapter of Amnesty 
International human rights organiza- 
tion, the club works to raise awareness 
of crimes against humanity around the 
world. This year the club focused on the 
major issues of child soldiers, Guanta- 
namo Bay, and the political situation in 
Pakistan. Amnesty held a Write-a-thon 
to encourage U.S. leaders to act on 
these issues. Amnesty's efforts, in con- 
junction with other groups, helped to 
free many prisoners' conscience. The 
club also raised money for a Zimbabwe- 
an village by selling hand-painted bottle 
cap pins made by women of the village. 
Amnesty works to ensure that the global 
community upholds the international bill 
of rights. 

Go Amnesty, 2007-2008 



m ^-.-^tu-^j-^j 









WKiBKlffr if P™ 


Strutting their stuff on stage for the 
Winter Concert. 

Preparing for the prefornnance. 

Listen and repeat. 






jH*^ » 


■^ ^M^B JL.1 













Drama Ml 

Erin & Jill dream of peeing free. "This place it's called Urinetown." 

MA Ik- 
Run Freedom run. ..freedom run away. 


Leigh tells Grant 
isten to her heart. 

Dan is Mr CLADWELL!!!! 

Tucker and Mike share a moment on stag 



<atie, Lauren, Anne, Bridget, Camille & Leigh. 

^ Mike & Jill they're 
just the cuttest. 

Mike, Jill, Alex, Carly, Dan, and Leigh turn and 
smile after being pig piled by Camille. 






^K ■••,, 

t -A 


1 f €? 




^IKBfi' ^'^1 



B \t''j1 


^'^Sr.'s pose before their final musi- 
cal production of their HHS careers. 

Liz & Sally pose at cast party. 

Leigh tells off Dan as Maggie grabs him. 

Maggie and Steven do a pouty face. 


Hingham Debate Team participates in the Southeastern Mas- 
sachusetts Forensics League. This year's resolution, or debate 
topic, is concerned with funding health care assistance to sub- 
Sahara Africa. Students compete as either an affirmative team 
that proposes a plan, or as a negative team that attempts to 
find a dlaw in the opposing team's plan. This year our varsity 
negative teams took their preparation seriously and should be 
competitive in the league. We also have several newcomers to 
debate and it is exciting to see them tal<e up the task of get- 
ting ready to debate! 

Sam Butterfield thinking about how to 

appproach the topic of the issues in Sub- 

Saharan Africa 

Katie Tomsho of the Varsity A team 

taking notes for the negative side of the 


Fiona McBride of Cohassett High School introducing the topic as Sam Butterfield and 

Katie Tomsho take notes 


0^ t»* ^' '^ ^ ^ 

Michael Fogleman and Dominick Healey listening 
and taking notes as the topic is presented 

The group gets together for a picture. 

Katie Tomsho and Sam Butterfield discussing 
their plan for a minute before starting to debate 


The past four years have been exciting for 
the Gay Straight Alliance, which has wit- 
nessed same-sex marriage solidify its posi- 
tion in Massachusetts. Last year, students 
petitioned and met with our leaders who did 
not support same-sex marriage. This year 
has been full of discussions, movie nights, 
and planning for big events. For the past 
two years, the GSA has participated in the 
Day of Silence, a national day of in-school 
protest against discrimination. And as al- 
ways, GSA attended the Youth Pride Parade 
in the spring. Congratulations to seniors 
Jess and Julia, we'll miss you!! 

The beloved GSA bulletin board. 

Abby lool<s like she's having the time 
of her life. 

Witness the awesomeness of the 
GSA banner. 

It's a crying shame these pictures are in 
black and white! 





Jenny and Liz discuss "Removing the 

Thank you Garrett! Whoa, Julia has 
long hair! 

Julia poses in front of the GSA bulletin 

Jess doing what she does best. 



Buisness manager John Arnos takes a few 
minutes to catch up on the latest issue. 



Katie and Leigh smile 
while attending a monthly meeting. 









Ms. Homan checks on the underclassmen 


James & Matt filler' up with antifreeze 

Stench Clnh 

French Club has had a busy past year. Super- 
vised by Madame Keyes, members of French Club 
visited France last Febuary. The students toured 
the cities of Paris, Lyon, and Saint Malo as well as 
visting chateaus throughout the Loire Valley. Dur- 
ing the school year, French Club hosted French 
film nights and afternoon crepe parties. 

ATaking a break at the Pare du Luxembourg. 





Spanish churros (cinnamon) 
and Inot chocolate. 

^^^^^ _^^_ ___^.^_^^^_^_ Polvorones: Powdery Spanish 

► „ ,. /: i.1- r- • L. ^1 "Z ^"^' T^^^T""^*^'"'^^''*'"*^^^^^^^^"" Christmas cookies 

i^ost of the Spanish Club members showing a map of Central America 

and the Caribbean. 

Case Batllo 
by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona. 

^L^^ ' pT a 






La Persistencia de Memoria, 
by Salvador Dali. 

Chicken Enchiladas 
like the ones we made at our meeting. Royal Palace: In Madrid, Spain. 

The Spanish Club had a great year! We learned how to dance, 

cook enchiladas and Spanish rice. We also watched movies about 

Spanish culture and took a trip to Spain! We also celebrated some 

of the uniquely Spanish holidays. Everyone had a blast immersing 

themselves in Spanish-speaking culture. 

f flLENDtfl HflDRtD ^UB60S '^^ 

Artwork by Pablo Picasso 
a famous Cubist. 



Mr. Ryan and Liz get ready to party 
Latin style. 

Beach day in Capri. 

Meg and Peter swear their alliegiance. 

Doesn't quite top Mr 

Latin Club poses for a picture after their Saturnalia party. 

Checking out the Roman 

Too sexy for this chairlift? 

Pretty ladies taking a break in Italia. 


Gina demonstrating the new 
thinking man's pose. 

The Outer Limits is Hingham High School's 
only literary magazine. It showcases stu- 
dent essays, short stories, poems, artwork, 
and photography. It produces one magazine 
in the spring of each year. The Outer Lim- 
its is run by Ms. Fennelly, the editor in chief 
is Gina Elia and the art director is Jenny 

Jenny showing off some awesome pics 

The group all deep in thought. 

Christina Hirtle and the official Lit- 
Mag soup! 

Reviewing the publication. 

Hanging out. 

The Literary Magazine over the years. 





Math Team 

Congratulations to all the Math Team Seniors! We will 



miss you! 

Coke: the fuel of brilliant minds. 

The team. 

















The committee heads appear presentable 
even at the early time of 7:00 A.M. 

' 3 Mu 

Camille admires the ceiling while 
Alex looks on. 

Liz and Caroline. 

NHS Induction Ceremony. Left to right: Cal- 

lie, Anna, Leigh, Olivia, Laura, and Emily. 


Early to bed and early to rise 

makes a man healthy, wealthy, and 

wise. Would you agree, Ben? 

Alec, Mary, Meghan, and Deirdre 

Waiting to walk on stage. Strangely cult-like. 

NHS has worked hard this year. Members 
have held a Heifer International fundrais- 
er; pronnoted Camille's Bracelets, a breast 
cancer charity; attended the Massachu- 
setts Conference for Women; helped orga- 
nize the annual ski and sports sale; and ate 
their fair share of munchkin donuts. Good 
job guys! 


Umm. no dun? 

Carly hangs out with her bass and her 
friends before the concert. 

Playing the prelude to the first 
Bach Cello Suite. 

Ms. Sullivan gives the pre-concert 
pep talk. 


Last minute practicing. 

Isabel and Emily perform a 

Orchestra pride! 

Looks like the basses in the cello 
closet are plotting something! 

That's a baton in its hand. 



The first to arrive. 

forget to watch the conductor! 

I know... seriously! 




Some girls huddle together to relax after a long, 
vigorous practice! 




The freshman gather together during practice for a quick picture. 

Some of the girls gather together for a quick pep talk 
before they race. 

The girls show their strength as they carry their heavy 
boat to compete! 

A group of proud mothers stand by as they support their chil- 

The girls paddle on to victory! 






• tf a > w , 


The SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Club is a very active club. This year we visited Hinghann Middle 
School to facilitate about drug and alcohol abuse. We also started the Hingham SafeHomes Network. Our mission is for 
students to help students make positive decisions about challenges in their everyday lives! 

SIABLTALKING Hingham Hi jh School 
StWrInIG SADD Chapter 

Katie, Kaylee, Lily, and Rachel pose in front of the SADD banner. 

















This year, not only was the Student Council the largest 
club in the school, it was also the largest council in Mas- 
sachusetts with 250 members! StuCo organized the al- 
ways-successful Homecoming, Lip Sync, pep rallies, and 
Mr. HHS and made donations to South Shore Habitat for 
Humanity, Toys for Tots, Chirstmas in the City, American 
Cancer Society, Mary Martha Learning Center, and many 
more. After fund-raising efforts last year, StuCo was able 
to finance the travel expenses for a Bosnian exchange 
student to come to the United States and attend Hing- 
ham High. The new Green Committee hilighted the need 
for the school to "Go Green" and helped Hingham High 
place third in an Environment Sustainability Competition 
sponsored by Keyspan. Another major accomplishment of 
this year was raising over $10,000 for a school in Ghana 
by selling the popular Ghana bead jewelery at at school 
and community events. This year was a great one for Stu- 
Co and the expectations for next year are even higher! 

Katie, Peter, Anna, and Prashanth wait for the meeting to begin. 


The fundraising committee discussses the council's finances 


"■.' „.ii'^^ 

, iL^^^^H 









i ^ m 

^^m .- 







f*ir II 

4 i^-^f - 


■ K~'^'' - 

\ i -v^^^^^^JI 

' 1 








^^1./. ^ 




Oliver Alderman Thamyris Almeida Sheila Aniiot 

Julia Arenburg Daniel Battista Jennifer Beal 




Kathryn Beale Kelly Beane Rachel Beebe Anica Berley Christina Berlinguet Hannah Black 

Jeff Blair Brandon Boggs Carolyn Bogle John Boland Michael Boize David Boney 

Christopher Boyle Brian Burke Cassandra Burke Katherine Burke Alastair Butler CoryLynn Byrne 

Kelly Campbell Matthew Campbell Julie Carnes Alexandria Casale Jamie Cataldo Kurt Cawley 

Rebecca Centanni Annie Chan Curtis Cheney Alexander Chin Colleen Chittick Matthew Chouinard 


John Clifton Andrew Cole 

James Conkey David Connelly Michael Coronella Christopher 


Patrick Creahan Alex Criscuolo Cynthia Crowley Emma Daniels G. Joseph Danis Sally Dankner 

Julie Davis Matthew DeMenna Nathan Dillon Katherine Doble Jillian Doherty Brenna Donovan 

Ryan Driscol! Christopher Dudek Nathaniel Eagan Abigail Eaton Tyler Ebata Joseph Eisenbies 

Christine Engels Paige Estabrooks Kaitlyn Fano Thomas Fiascone Sean Flanagan Christine Flynn 

Michael Fogleman Colin Fuda Stephen Galambos Lindsey Genovese James Glasco Ann Gomez 


Sarah Gorman Joseph Granatino II Ellyse Guihan Meredith Haley Allison Hall William Hall 

^ > 

Taylor Ham 

Dominick Healey Brian Hebert Matthew Henriksen Aileen Hickey Katherine Hickey Sean Higgins 

Christina Hirtle Stephanie Invernizzi Alexander Jenkins Ryan Johnson Anna Kaplan Amanda Kaulins 

Federico Kelly Nicole Kelly Connor Kennedy Andrew King Ian Kirby Thomas Kivney 

Brigid Koenen Salvador Lainez Timothy Lam Jacob Levin Laura Levin Garrett Lincoln 





Nicholas Lippis MacKenzie Lussier Bryn Luttinger Elizabeth Lynch 

Jeffrey Lynch 


Sarah MacCune Eric Maclver Gregory Maclver Laura Mackenzie Megan Mahoney Drew Martin 

4 /' 

Tessa Martin Deven McCarthy Charles McCawley Katharine McCusker Kaylee McGrath Kyle McLaughlin 

Lindsey McLeod Danielle McNiff Shauna McNiff Jennifer McPhillips Abigail Melia Elizabeth Meservey 

Lynne Messina Stephanie Miller Julia Mirochnick Julia Mitchell Drew Morrissey Matthew Mui 

Sophia Mullin Kenneth Murphy Rebecca Murphy Nicholas Muzzi 

Brianna O'Leary 


Liam O'Neil Michael Page Daniel Pattavina Tyler Peraino Katherine Perdisatt Ashakie Phillips 

Cori Polonski Ashley Prezioso Kayla Quirk Sarah Read 

y ■ ■' I n ii y 

Grace Reader Shannon Reiser 

Matthew Riddle John Ripple Tucker Robinson William Rocheleau Ethan Rogers Kevin Rosenberg 

;ameron Scullen Pria Shah Sara Shawles Anna Skinner Alexander Smith Nicholas Sneath 

Emily Snow Jonathan Sommer Katelyn Spedden Adam Stein Daniel Stein Kiara Stewart 


Alyssa Sullivan Jacqueline Sullivan Jillian Sullivan 

Peter Sullivan Katharine Tilkin Nicholas Tocchio 

Jane Tuite Emily Valentine Amy Vangei 

Mary Vardaro Nathan Wallace Kyle Weller 

Bryan Wells Diana Whalen Ben Whitney 

Brendan Wilbur 

Beatrice Wilson Christopher Wilson James Wilson 

Gregory Wylie 

Ruby Wilkinson Christopher Williams 

Not Pictured 

Dorothy Andreadis 
Adriana Askew 
Lisa Barlow 
Jeffrey Blair 
Taylor Brashier 
Matthew Bridgeman 
Julia Caruso 
Jason Cerilli 
Francis Cifrino 
Margaret Colton 
Carley Cotter 
Natalie Crowley 
Lauren Daniels 
Theodore Dattilo 
Shannon Delaney 
Christopher Fernald 
Turquoise Forde 
Ashley Goldstein 
Mary Kate Gorman 
Sarah Gorman 
Kyle Green 
Jaclyn Habeeb 
Robert Hanrahan 
Glen Hatfield 
Leah Homan 
Brooke Johnson 
Benjamin Kelly 
Sarah Krumholz 
Kevin Lally 

Alexander Lam 
Benjamin Lincoln 
Alexandra Lund 
Ashley Lynch 
Jillian MacArthur 
David Marani 
Melissa McLore 
Matthew Melia 
Bailey Millerd 
Jared Minassian 
Matthew Minott 
Philip Mitchell 
Colin Mulcahy 
Conor Murphy 
Brittany Nelson 
John Noble 
Dominic Noskovic 
Chesley Osborn 
Michael Perry 
Nicholas Perry 
Austin Reeves 
Anna Richardson 
Thomas Rogg 
Michael Savery 
Caroline Stanley 
Aaron Sweeney 
Mirela Turkic 
Maria Vazquez 
Christopher Ward 




Jessica Ahern Nicholas Albert 

Robert Alvarado Melissa Anderson Daniella Anglin Lauren Arcement 

Caitlin Bailey Drew Bailey Mattison Barkas Grace Barlow Philip Barr Alexandria Barrett 








Sunnner Beal Joseph Beck Sebastian Becker Nicholas Belezos Christopher Benoit Roberta Bergstein 

George Bixby James Blake Andrew Blomberg Mark Bowker Christine Bowler Tucker Bradley 

Margaret Brennan Sarah Burke Paige Burns Samuel Campton Brett Canepa Julie Caplain 


Lindsey Carle J. Casado Nicholas Cavaleri Mark Cerundolo Jessie Channell Stephanie Chau 


Jessie Clifton Benjamin Condron Michael Corey 

Alexandrea Craft Abigail Crossen Remy Daigler 

Richard Darst Samir David Amanda Dellot Yanira DelValle Michelle DiBenedetto Shauna Diersch 

Hannah Dillis 

Allyson Dillon 

Kimberly Dolan Melissa Donahue Sean Donovan 

Sean Donovan 

Brianna Dougherty Stacy Ducharme Emilie Duchesneau David Dupee Carly Englebretson Florencia Ezcurra 

Mary Fairbanks Monica Faithfull Connor Fallon Stephen Fallon III William Feldman Brian Fiske 

Megan Fitzgerald 

Carols Florian David Fraher James Freeman Jay Galinauskas Emily Genovese 


Jeremy Gifford William Glennon Luke Goodman Molly Gorman Sarah Gorman William Hancock 

Kaitlin Hildreth David Hill John Hobbs Spencer Holleran Amy Hovsepian Lisa Hunt 





Brett Igo Julia Ingoldsby Katie Jacobson Holly Johnson Kristofor Johnson Rachel Kalman 







.. ^ 



Alexander King Deirdre Koenen Alexander Krumm 

Ryan Lamonde Elizabeth Leahy Maggie Leary 

Brittany Lemcke Rene Lepore Stephanie Lessing 


Dana Lindberg 


Alicia Maccarrone Alyssa MacDonald Patrick Maisto Nicholas Maloney 


Christina Iranian Abigail Marjollet Richard Mason Julia McCone Caroline McCullough Cara McGonagle 

I ^ i yiiiiiiiiiiwi 

James McGraghan Michael McGrath Jacob McGuiggan Brianna McGurrin Patrick McHugh Sean McLaughlin 

Steven McManus Terence Morrissey Michael Mulry 

Katherine Murphy Mary Murphy Corinne Newton 

Kathleen O'Neill Julia Olson Christopher Orlando Michael Orr Isabel Ortigoza Charlotte Paffett 

Alexandra Paretchan Maria Pashchenko James Pershing Andrew Pompeo Arthur Porter Timothy Pouch 


Thomas Quinlan John Quinn 

Amelia Randall Andrew Randall Sanjay Rau 

Daniel Robertson 

Amanda Rogg Molly Roman Ashley Rossi 

Veronica Scarbo Stephen Scheifele, Jr. Patrick Schupp 

Henry Schwartz Catherine Scott Charlotte Seelen Caroline Shabo Lyndsey Shea Eric Sherman 

Hillary Shusterman Kaitlyn Smith Suzanne Smith John Smoot Peter Sorgi Jacqueline Souther 

i "% I \ 

Jennifer Sowyrda Jacob Spedden 

Ashli Stewart Jason Sullivan Marissa Sullivan Andrew Sypek 

n, 1% ve^ciaamm-i^ -mm. 

\ Carneal Taylor Colby Thompson Connor Thompson Julia Todd Ben Tucker Alexandra Van Dine 


Charles Vangel James Ventresca 

Lisa Vialle Emily von Loesecke Alexandra Vulgaris Jaime Waldecker 




'^' iH^^I 


'«==s>-' Jl^^H 



k ill' V 

'.. "^ 

B. 1l»'i\ ■ 

Tobin Walters Caitlin Watson 

Jenna Watson Amanda Way 

Meghan Welch Jeffrey West 

HI ^^^^^1 



Maggie Weston Sarah Whitman 

Mary Williams 

Samuel Williams Samantha Yodzio Mackenzi Zielinski 

Not Pictured 

Christian Zimbone Kevin Zyrkowski 

Jeffrey Ast 
Zoe Attridge 
Christopher Boyland 
Richard Boyle 
Brendan Butler 
Keelyn Callahan 
Anthony Capella 
Keith Caruso 
Meghan Caseau 
Alexander Clark 
Nolan Connors 
Matthew Constantine 
Conor Coveney 
Amanda Delmonico 
Christopher Dirksmeier 
Ryan Elinoff 

Hannah Enoy 
Sheibi Farrell 
Gregory Fleming 
John Greco 
Michelle Hanlon 
Katharine Harris 
Erik Hawkins 
Benjamin Knox 
Peter Kringdon 
Robert Maguire 
Jessica Malone 
Ross McCaig 
Catherine McLaughlin 
Hannah Merritt 
Conor Nally 
Abby Nestor 

Ryan O'Connor 
Christopher Phillips 
Brittany Reid 
Daniel Ricketts 
Chandler Semjen 
Christina Sestito 
Travis Somers 
Melissa Speiss 
Cameron Spiro 
Lauren Spruiell 
Kristina Stokes 
Conor Sullivan 
John Sullivan 
Hannah Taverna 
Ryan Theibauth 
Zachary Tryder 






Olivia Aborn Dennis Ahern 

William Alexakos Jake Allen 

Joseph Alvarado Chelsea Anthony 

Joseph Antoine Daniel Arcese Ryan Atkinson Sarah Auriemma Victoria Babson 

Michael Baccari 

Molly Baggott Dana Bahrawy Catherine Bannan Robert Barbuto Christopher Bates Victoria Beais 

Alexandra Bearden Alex Becker Olivia Benger Alex Berrick Jaime Bickford Brian Boize 

Melissa Bonn Michael Boyle Sarah Bradley Carter Brown Isabel Burlingame Avery Bush 

i^^^k^'^ ,^Ma| 

Lydia Calvi Kevin Campbell Alice Campton Michael Capobianco Joseph Centurelli Catherine Chittick 




Kathryn Collins Emily Concannon Stephen Conte Amy Conti Matthew Cooiey Matthew Corwin 

Alyce Costello Thomas Costello Amber Craft Michael Creager Douglas Crowley Rachael Cullen 

Remy Dargin Bailey Davall Melissa Davies 

Laura Davis Jessica Dellot Maryclare DeMenna 

Robert DePesa Alex DiBenedetto Brianna DiTullio Irene Doggett Katherine Dolphin Ryen Dolphyn 

William Dresser Dennison Drew Timothy Driscoll Madeline Dudek Caitlin Durand Henry Eckerson 


Laura Eisen Sophia Elia Andre EInakhle Elizabeth Findley Rebecca Fisher Sarah Fisher 


Olivia Fitzgerald Sydney Frazier Alec George Ian Gilmore Mary Glavin Jacob Golden 

Daniel Goldstein Max Goldstein Victoria Gong Madeline Goode Emily Goulet Kevin Granatino 










Kelsey Haley Elizabeth Hanlon Michael Happ Callianne Harbert 

Lauren Harvey Rachel Hatch 

Jillian Hatfield Christopher Hazelton Alyssa Hi 

W i 

Stephen Hinckley 

David Hogan Timothy Holland 

Elliot Holt Jenna Horgan Terence Huie Jaclyn Hynes 

Lillianna Jackson Ilya Jeffrey Alanna Jennings Timothy Jones Molly Kafka Paul Karo 


Meredith Kelly Brianna Kessener Brandon Kim Sue Kim Kasey Kinsella Kiran Kurian 

Milou Lammers Emily Lampert Anne Leahy Rachel Lee 

Molly Leen 

Jesse Levin 














Sarah Lincoln Kimi Loughlin Allyssa Lumbert Madison Lund Rachel Lus Allison MacCune 

Elisabeth Mackey Jason Magner Joseph Mahoney Jessica Marchioni Joseph Margotta Hannah Martin 

Colleen McCabe Katherine McCue Allison McCusker Kelly McDermott Katherine McDowell Kristen McEachen 

I ^ 

Meghan McKenzie Sarah McKenzie Jessica McMahon Colin McPhillips Cullen Meade Alexandra Melia 


Sarah Middleton Matthew Miller David Mirabassi Kelsey Monahan Sara Monahan Akilah Morgan-Davis 

Colin Murray Margaret Neterval Drew Noble 

Austin O'Connor Sara Page 

Sawyer Paine 

Lla Paven Ryan Peloquin Benjamin Perkins Brigid Perry Jesse Petrilli Octavia Pierce 


Nicholas Pinto Alexander Pompeo William Post Alan Premasiri Abigail Rabinovitz Donovan Ramsay 

Harry Rein Jonas Rein Caroline Rhodes Daniel Rider Katherine Ripple Jared Robichaud 

atherine Robinson Brian Roche Kaitlin Roe 

Megan Ross Alexandra Rowell Sean Ryan 


William Ryan Jessica Ryder Michael Sanchez Jordan Scarborough Caroline Schmitt Matthew Shanck 

Emmalyn Shilts Daniel Smoot Charlotte Sneath Erin Snow Samuel Spall Ryan Spath 










Deirdre Spatola Thomas Stack John Stanley Mary Stanley Erich Stelzer Christopher Stenson 

Andrew Stevens Daniel Stoddard Emily Stone Jack Stone Joscelyn Stonis Hannah Sudbey 

K^SUr ^^^H 

^mMf"^ '•sflH 

w^Hw ''^ ^ ^9^HI 

W m 

Casey Sullivan Jennifer Sullivan Kara Sullivan Luke Sullivan 

Oliver Sullivan 

Kyle Sylvia Matthew Thomay Kathryn Thompson Joseph Trinchera Thomas Trogele Margaret Tuite 


Miles Turner Matthew Tyburski Thomas Vangel Claire Von Loesecke Allison Walsh 

Jillian Walsh 

Katherine Walsh Phoebe Walsh 

Niko Wang 

Renee Wang Daniel Weaver Michael Wheeler 

Kyle Whitcomb Sarah Whitney Aaron Wight Leiand Wilcox Dashawn Williams Timothy Winter 

^"^ Iv ^ 

Jessica Wolfert Nicholas Wood Nicole Woody Aviana Worrel 

Not Pictured 

Leanne Castle 
Jacqueline Desai 
Paul Falvey 
Michael Fernald 
Tiffany Ganzel 
Matthew Gill 
Evan Green 
Paul Karo 
Victoria Kasznica 
Evan Martinez 
Warren Pelissier 
Mark Setian 
Christopher Souther 
Ryan Spath 
Wade Stanley 
Daniel Stoddard 
Claire Van Strien 
Brian Ward 

Brian Young 

Philip Yudin 

Czarina Zurita 




Paula Girouard McCann Jennifer Henriksen Richard Swanson Natalie Allen 

Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Principal English 

Joseph Andrews Sheila Atwater 

Technology Manager Teaching Assistant 

Lawrence Babcock William Barges Karen Beatty 

Building Manager Athletic Director Health 

Barbara Berlucchi Monica Black 

Science Teaching Assistant 

Gerald Bliss 

Marcia Boyer 

Christopher Burke 

John Callahan 

Don Campbel 

Emily Campbel 

Kathleen Campbell 

Paul Canniff 

Donna Casagrande Stephen Centerrino Jenny Cina Brian Cincotta Lewis Clark 

Cafeteria Manager Psychologist Business Band Custodian 

Daniel Clune 

Brad Cooley 
Teaching Assistant 

Dana Crosby 







B "" 

^ wH 









Marsha Cuddy 

Dawn Diedricksen Erica Dieselman 

Science Chinese/ Social Studies 


Michael Doherty 

Leah Dunay 

Paul Donovan Rosennary Doran William Doucette 

Special Education Family and Consumer Custodian 



— B 


-.^. 'ji 







Aandrea Dunlap 
Teaching Assistant 

Jennifer Doyle 
Social Studies 

Janet Duffy 


Department Chair 

Patti Eagan Leda Eizenberg Philip Emmott Ryan Eschauzier 

Secretary English Police Resource Officer Industrial Technology 

Brian Faherty Annmarie Fennelly Doreen Field 

Industrial Technology English Technical Assistant 

Matthew Fisher 

Kelly Fitzgerald 

Paula Flanagan 

Katie Gallagher 
Library Media 

Nancy Garvey 

David Gauthier 

Jessica Gawel 

Sue Gentile Steven George 

Asst. Cafeteria Manager Business 

Casey Giordani Karen Glaser Nicole Hammers Jean Hardy Peter Healey 

Math Math Special Education Teaching Assistant Math 

Brian Heffernan 
Special Education 


John Higgins 

Andrew Hoey 
Social Studies 

Eileen Hunt 

Westley Hutcheson 

Caterina lannino 
Lav. Supervision 

Deborah Johnson 









'>' ''j^H 










Jillian Jope 

Mary Anne Kahler 
Special Education 

Elizabeth Kates 

Kathy Kerr 
Teaching Assistant 

Susan Keyes 

Pamela King 

Jennifer King-Alfieri James Kirkcaldy Erin Krall 

Teaching Assistant Social Studies Counselor 

Department Chair 

Kevin Lalli Diane Lanctot Kathleen LeClair 

Adjustment Counselor Media Specialist Social Studies 

Claudia Leone 

Linda Mazzella 

Heather Lewallen 

Director of School 


Suzanne Lincoln 

Family and Consumer 


Joan Linnehan 
Special Education 

Anne Marcks 

Melissa McCash 
Social Studies 

Ellen McNulty 

\ W 

Thomas Melanson 

Todd Millen 

Carol Marshall 

Justin Minihane 

Music Theory / Piano Latin / Spanish 


Deanne Moore 

Mary Moriaity 

Maynard Morin 

Bianca Moruzzi 

Patricia Muldoon 
Computer Specialist 

Michael Mulry 

Daniel Nicolosi 

Rosanna Nigro 

Shawn Nugent Carole O'Connell Christina O'Connor Nicole O'Neil 

Social Studies Teaching Assistant Social Studies Teaching Assistant 

Ernest Olson 

Steven Olson Lisa Paul Paul Pawlowski Susan Petrie 

Math Technical Assistant Industrial Technology Social Studies 

Leo Piantes 

Gayle Pike 

Alexander Porter 

Karen Pratt 

Francis Quill 

Cheryl Rapoza 

Robert Regan 

Jonathan Rice Maribeth Robinson Martha Robinson 

Physical Education Reading Specialist Secretary 

Virginia Roche 
Technical Assistant 

Kara Roth 

Camilla Roundtree 
METCO Coordinator 


Douglas Ryan 

Jackie Sansone 

Donna Scampoli 
Teaching Assistant 

Mary Ann Seavey 

Eileen Sharkey 

Karen Shaw 

:\ R.^> 

Helaine Silva 


Department Chair 

Philip Struzziero 

Joan Silver 

Jayne Skinner 

Amanda Smith 

Barry Steen 

Donna Stevenson 
Reading Specialist 

John Sullivan 

Julia Sullivan 

Meghan Sweeney 
Physical Education 

Maria Swirlbalus 
Reading Specialist 

Patricia Szyman 

Patricia Tomecek 

Peggy Ulrich-Nims 
Teaching Assistant 

Eileen Walsh 

Christopher White 
Social Studies 



Ron Woolley 
Social Studies 

Jason Xidias 

Joseph Young 
Music / Chorus 

Not Pictured 

Maria Aiello Cafeteria 

Douglas Holley Math Department Chair 

Eileen Homen Industrial Technology 

David Jewett Math 

Mark Patrolia Industrial Technology 

Debra Read Cafeteria 

Judith Rielly Foreign Language Department Chair 

Marie Terman Teaching Assistant 




1 VcArx '' 

1 t 



In Loving Memory of 

Samantha Lee Hoover 

May 21, 1990 - August 23, 2006 

Sometvwie^y n<> mutter how vviuxih/fcMth/voe/ 
aft hcM/e/, weyhne/peopley AA 

But we/ never fbrg^the4n/ ^^ 

Ifytlaxne/ me4norCeyythut g^ 











Tenth Kingdom 


AWKWARD ■ ^-^' 

2jl^itt "' (J^ 









K^' Jl 



■* /^X^^^J "^M 


'^[&^ ' 


First mother, then nanny... and now my chicken? 


ki ^n 

/■'^^ >' 








«Kx. -^Bt 

1 1 


> jl 
















Catch PhrasjB 






Bleep Bleep Bleep - JAPAN! 

^. ■'^ 


1 r J 

Amber | 














, '' 







H P 

t 1 



^^ ^ 

Kaeiyn ^^J 



r ^ 


rzii -^^ 

i«k' ; . 















seniors ; — 







r "R/Jse 


-^^ V 



IT" -■"^. 


'" Wl^ 


_^^^ - 

■ Meg 



-•■-v • . 1 „ 

» .,v .d^i^^ 





.1 i 



1^^ ^H 



^' ? 





<^,', '^^sl 




(Bec^wmgui (Jessie) m.jtjen 





JW ' L '''0ll ^ '-'- 




^^^^W '^ 



K^' '"1^1. 




^ K 


ll FED THi: 



4, ' 






I ^.r-s-^?^;^;^ 


; ^ . W^t''-'J:- 

-* 4»' 

QSr^tn^ ^A 


<L - ^urr^^^'"- . 





> "^Xim- -Ml 




Congratulations, Katlnerlno! 


yA/e sr& so proud of you. 
Keop danoing! 


Dad, Mom, Benjamin, 
Emily and PhoelDo 


feswv ou/A qrouJ |(9r£i)cr ..." 


L(9i)0, M/LoM/, 'Pad, Cks. ctd yi/lott 

on tight 
to your 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, and Allison 





Class of 2008 

We are so proud of you and we wish you happiness and 

success in the years to come. 

With Love From, 
Mom, Dad & Alison 

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an 

William Feather 




-"^c^lj^ ^W 'U^^^ '~~"~ 


1 JUi 







5»«Wi. ^, 









We're so proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Megan, Caitlin, 
Gus &. Finny, too! 

Crow Point 



I'm ready for the Beach! 

Congratulations Ben! 

Love Mom, Pops, Jake, 

Pearl 86 Pumpkin 


Congratulations Lisa! 

Follow your heart and 

may all your dreams come true! 

We love you so much and 
we're very proud of you! 


Dad, Mom, Michael, 
Sam and Hunter 

All the Best to the Class of 2008 

"The Rest is Still Unwritten!" 



pK - 


r^\ ' 



^^Vk. i^ ) 

* „ 

^^mmS ' 










A t/\ 



>. ^" 








* ' 

EB"^' - 


>f ♦ 






Congratulations, Charlie! 

We are so proud of you. 


Dad, Mom, Jennifer and Courtney 

( doini meal mo ome io M mt about Inmm 
( Iwk at WN dwuohier amd ( bdta/t 

CoinqrabAaitoiAS Kondall, 


Lout aliA/ays, 

Momj Pad, AindniAy; 
TaL mdjcix 






[The circle of your friends 

the silver linmj 





^ /{Km iiuM -^Uf^^ 

f R T0(5 





^ 1 




No matter where your journeys take you in your lite; one thing will 

always remain the same. You'll always have us in the background 

cheering you on. 

We're so proud of you! xxoo Mom, Dad, Jay. and Matt 

We're proud of you 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Brett 



Vf »tt»*»tf»r 

r«f f f »f rf ff* 
, » » f » • — * » » 

• »»»»/ 

• • » ' • 
• ••• 

• » • » » V. 


Hello, World! 
We are so proud! 


Mom, Dad, and 


Pro Sports 








(781) 585-2514 FAX 

Congratulations "CANMAN"! You are really going 

places. We are so very proud of you. 

All our love, 

Mama, Papa, Alison & Grandma TeddyBear, 

Kenji & Oblio. 


''If anybody need me, 
rm gonna be workin a 
Big Big Case for the FBI." 

Good Luck Kate! 

We love you - 
We're very 
proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, 
Lacey & Joey 

Special thanks to our Sriends at 

29 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043 
Phone: 781-749-0588 Fax: 781-740-4032 


To Kathleen, 






To sail is necessary... 

-Gnaeus Pomplius 


Mom, Dad, Matthew and Caroline 


Our very best wishes to the Hingham Class of 2008 







64 South Street 
Hingham, MA 02043 




From a young age you've both had the strength and 

independence to choose the road less traveled, and that has 

made all the difference. As you continue your journeys, we 

hope that you always remember 

the road that leads you home. 

With love, 
Your families 


You see us as you want to see us. the simplest terms. ..but what we 

found out is that each one of us is a brain... and an athlete... 

a basket case. ..a princesss...and a criminal. 

- The Breakfast Club 


Kathryn Murphy 

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean, 

whenever one door closes I hope one more opens, 

promise me that you II give faith a fighting chance, 

and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance 

I hope you dance ... / hope you dance. 

* With lots of love ~ Mom, Dad, Brian, Rosie and Lola * 


Caroline and Elizabeth! 

We're so proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Patrick, and Belle 


Dear Chris, 

With love and pride, 

Mom & Dad 

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you 

miss, you'll land among the stars." 

- Les Brown 


Good Lucky 

We love you - 

Mum, Dad, 

Ashley & Heather 

We are so 

proud of 



Mom, Dad 

& Monica 

You have brains in your head. 

You have feet in your shoes. 

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. 

You're on your own. 

And you know what you know. 

You are the girl who'll decide where to go. 

~Dr. Seuss 


'AfCour fove, 

Mom, Vady 



Sam and Mia. 

We are so vroud of \jou\ 






Great Job! 
We are very proud 
of you & love you 

very much! 

Stay safe & have 

Love Mom, Dad, 
Chris & Liz 





uioPLD yeariiooK 07-08 

uioPLD yeaPBooK 07-08 

^: '.; 



More than 90 million votes were cast when the world was asked to name the "New Seven Wonders of the World." 
The man-made sites selected include the Coliseum in Rome, Mexico's Chichen Itza, Petra in Jordan, Peru's Machu 
Picchu, the Taj Mahal in India, Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil, and The Great Wall of China. 

A team of 30 physicians worked 24 The bald eagle was removed The first Baby Boomers became eligible Steve Jobs introduces the MacBook 
hours to remove extra limbs from a two- from the endangered species to apply for Social Security benefits, Air, the world's thmnest notebook 
year old born with eight limbs. list after 30 years. beginning a stress on the system. computer at January's Macworld. 



Researchers in South Korea cloned 
a cat and modified its genes so that 
It glows red in ultraviolet light. 

, ctober wildfires, which forced evacuation of nearly 1 million people, burned more than 600 square miles and destroyed The space shuttle Endeavor landed 
5 many as 1,500 homes over 19 days in Southern Cahfornia. Santa Ana winds and extreme drought worsened the safely in August despite exterior 
ipact of the fires; nine people were killed and 85 others — including at least 61 firefighters — were injured. damage that had worried NASA. 

John McCain emerged from "Super Tuesday" as a strong favorite among 
Republicans. Mike Huckabee remained his only challenger for the party 
nomination after Mitt Romney suspended his campaign. 

Even after "Super Tuesday" and the Potomac Primaries, the race betweei 
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nominatioi 
was too close to call. 


■ # The Billy Graham Library was dedicated 
in NC in June less than two weeks before 
the evangelist's wife, Ruth, died. 

Tesla Motors, a Silicon Valley start-up, 
pre-sold all 600 of its $98,000 all-electric 
Roadsters set for production in 2008. 

British Prime Minister 
Tony Blair resigned after 
13 years in office. 

Scientists in Moscow unveiled the remains of a frozen mammoth found in the 
Siberian tundra in May. A reindeer herder found the frozen carcass, which ha^ 
been dated back 10,000 years to the end of the last Ice Age. 

Researchers uncovered two new species 
— a giant rat and a tiny possum — in a 
remote jungle in Indonesia in June. 

Former Pakistani Prime 
Minister Benazir Bhutto 
was assassinated. 

The disputed December re-election 
of president Mwai Kibaki caused 
unrest and violence in Kenya. 

Unusual cold plagued Iraq. Baghdad' 
first snow in memory magnified th 
impact of persistent electrical outages. 

Great Britain banned smoking in enclosed 
public spaces in July. Individuals caught 
violating the law will be fined 

Nintendo's profit doubled 
this year, thanks to sales 
of 20 million Wii devices. 

Meteorologists blame this winter's 
tornados across the South on La Nina 
(the cooling of Pacific waters). 

Internet service in Asia, the Middle East 
and northern Africa was interrupted 
when an undersea Meditenanean cable 
failed in January. Many businesses were 
brought to a standstill, but most Middle 
East governments had backup satellite 
systems that minimized the impact. 

After an eight-year legal battle, a major 
power company agreed to spend S4.6 
billion to reduce chemical emissions 
blamed for spreading acid rain across 
the Northeast. 

Velib', a program that has nearly 20,000 
bicycles posted at 750 stations around 
Paris is Socialist Mayor Bertrand Delanoe's 
latest effort to make his city more green 
and bike-friendly. The program allows 
Parisians and tourists to use the bikes for 
a minimal fee. 

Astronaut Daniel Tani experienced 
something no other American has ever 
faced when his 90-year-old mother was 
killed in a Chicago train accident in 
December while he was in orbit aboard 
the international space station. 

The Homeland Security Department 
announced plans for its REAL ID Act, 
which is designed to make it harder 
for con artists, illegal immigrants and 
terrorists to get government-issued IDs. 
The plan will increase requirements of 
people applying for drivers licenses. 

New words inducted into the English 
language in 2007 by Merriam-Webster 
included "ginormous" (a contraction 
of sorts of gigantic and enormous), 
"Bollywood," "sudoku" and "speed dating". 
In all, nearly 100 words were added to the 
company's collegiate dictionary. 

The entire span of an interstate bridge broke into sections and collapsed into the Mississippi River during 
the evening rush hour in Minneapolis. The August 2 catastrophe killed 13, injured more than 60 and called 
to light deficiencies in many of America's bridges needing repair. 

After just 40 years in existence, 
more than 1.5 million ATM 
machines simplify life. 

Concern about lead-based paints 
caused world-wide recalls of millions 
of toys produced in China. 

Ice storms crippled the Midwest whe: 
freezing rain coated electrical wire 
causing far-reaching power outages. 

The national debt expanded roughly 
$1.4 billion a day, nearly $1 million 
a minute. Economists said that an 
economic slowdown may be looming 
and that higher taxes or cuts in 
government programs are possible. 

Oil prices hit a new high of $100 a 
barrel when the markets welcomed 
2008. The previous record, $99.29, 
was set in November, 2007 as the 
year ended with the decade's largest 
annual price increase. A falling dollar, 
violence in Nigeria and bad weather in 
Mexico were among the causes of the 
drop in U.S. crude supplies. 

Medical researchers decoded the 
DNA of the cat and anticipate new 
information in the search for treatments 
to both feline and human diseases. 

In Spain, a new $179 million telescope 
became operational in July. The Great 
Canary Telescope took seven years to 
build and construction involved more 
than 1,000 employees from nearly 100 
companies worldwide. 

At the Consumer Electronic Show, 
inventors demonstrated a driverless 
car and a $2,500 11-inch light-emitting 
diode television which offers contrast 
more than 30 times sharper than a 
current screen. 

A Bend, Oregon man flew 193 miles 
toward Idaho in a lawn chair lifted 
by 105 helium balloons. During his 
nine-hour trip, 47-year-old Kent Couch 
used a GPS and a BB gun and he took 
his video camera along to prove he'd 
flown. The trip was Couch's second; in 
September, he was aloft six hours. 


Both the House and the Senate approved a $146 billion economic stimulus package which called for one-time 
tax rebates aimed at rejuvenating the economy. The rebates were expected to begin arriving in early summer. 
The plan also included temporary tax breaks for businesses and measures to help struggling homeowners. 

Citing an increasingly polarized Middle 
East, more than 45 nations attended 
November peace talks in Annapolis. 

In his final year as Russia's president 
Vladmir Putin was named Person of The 
Year by "Time" magazine. 

Fidel Castro, Cuba's leader since 1959, announced m February that 
he would "not aspire to nor accept" another term as President. Days 
later his brother Raul was elected the new President of Cuba. 

The long winter drought and July heat wave across central and southeast Europe 
took temperatures as high as 115° F, caused fires and contributed to the deaths of 
more than 500 in Hungary alone. At the same time, it was flooding in Britain. 

A standoff in Hillary Clinton's 
New Hampshire campaign 
offices ended without incident. 

Jordanian and Israeli farmers 
used barn owls to control the 
crop-eating rat population. 


A week of heavy November rains caused 
rivers to overflow and left 70% of the 
Mexican state of Tabasco underwater. 

The August collapse of Utah's Crandall 
Canyon coal mine killed six miners and 
three rescue workers. 

Mohammed Zahir Shah, the last 
king of Afghanistan, died in July 
after reigning for 40 years. 

Boeing Co. unveiled its first new 
model since 1995; the Dreamliner 
787 will enter service in 2008. 


U.S. military troop casualties numbered 
at least 3,941 since the beginning of the 
Iraq warm March 2003. 

Scientists have discovered 
11 new species of plants and 
animals in central Vietnam. 

After selling more than 525,000 iPhones in the first weekend of their release, 
Apple moved into third position in the global smartphone market by year's end. 
More than 4 million iPhones were distributed in the first six months. 


Wireless . 
Jfir Card 

The UN convened in an emergency 
session on human rights abuses after 
protests and violence in Myanmar. 

A wireless memory card won 
"Last Gadget Standing" honors 
at the electronics show. 


India-based Tata Motors rolled out its 
no-frills Nano this year, but the car will 
not be available in American markets. 

Polaroid announced it will 
stop making film for its 
instant cameras. 

The worst wildfires ever in Greece killed more than 64 people, destroyed 
hundreds of homes in southern villages and burned more of the country's rapidly 
dwindling forestland than in any single year on record. 

In December, a Rhode Island couple 
dining on clams found a rare purple 
pearl; a l-in-2-million find. 

Lady Bird Johnson, the widow 
of former President Lyndon 
Baines Johnson, died at 94. 

Issues of discrimination and The world's largest solar farm was 
differential treatment were central planned for Fresno, California, where the 
to Jena 6 protests in Louisiana. 640-acre farm would power local cities. 

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-California, 
crafted legislation that will increase fuel economy, 
boosting mileage standards 40 percent to 35 mpg. 

When Palestinian militants breached the 
Gaza-Egypt border wall, thousands of 
refugees poured into Egypt for supplies. 

Lambourghini unveiled its Reventon sports car at the 
Frankfurt Motor Show m September. They will produce 
only 20 of these cars to be sold for $1.4 million each. 

February blizzards in China paralyzed roads, railways and 
airports in a region used to mild winters. Officials fear 
economic losses may reach $3 billion. 

;iimate changes appear to be destabilizing vast ice sheets in western Antarctica, which 
rorries researchers who had previously believed the area was protected from global warming, 
'hey say the melt is more dramatic than previously imagined. 

Missing adventurer Steve 
Fossett was declared dead 
in February. 

Sir Edmund Hillary the first 
to successfully scale Mount 
Everest, passed away at 88. 

Top-selling Country Artist 
Carrie Underwood announced 
plans for a pair of 2008 tours. 

"No Country for Old Men" swept 
Hollywood awards, concluding 
with the Oscar for Best Picture. 

Johnny Depp was Hollywood's 
top money maker, said Quigle^ 
Pubhshing's 2007 annual poll. 

2007 was the year of the threequel. Five of the 
six top-grossing films were continuations of 
previous storyUnes. "Spider-Man 3", "Shrek the 
Third", "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's 
End" and "The Bourne Ultimatum" brought 
millions of viewers to theaters across the 
country. Harry Potter films extended past the 
threequel; "The Order of the Phoenix" was the 
series' fifth installment. 

The announcement of the Golden Globes, usually 
the first Hollywood awards extravaganza of 
the season, was reduced to an hour-long press 
conference at the Beverly Hilton on Jan. 13 
because of the writers strike. The red carpets 
were rolled out just six weeks later for the 
Academy Awards after the strike ended. 

The DVD market experienced its first-ever 
decline when sales/rentals dropped 2% to S23.7 
billion, yet it generated more sales than music, 
video games or the theatrical box office. 

Kelly Clarkson, the season one winner from 
"American Idol", cancelled her 36-date summer 
arena tour saying, "Touring is just too much 
right now." Her third album, "My December," 
was released in June and certified platinum by 
year's end. 

Actor Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly sued 
Baxter Healthcare Corp. after their newborn 
twins were given an overdose of the blood 
thinner Heparin because the vials containing 
different doses of the drug were packaged 
too similarly. The Quaid twins recovered, but 
investigators learned that a number of infants 
had died following similar situations. 

The world bid farewell to entertainer-turned- 
gameshow producer Merv Griffin, larger-than- 
life tenor Luciano Pavarotti, French mime Marcel 
Marceau, daredevil and stuntman Evel Knievel 
and controversial rock pioneer Ike Turner. 

Sony's "Spider-Man 3" was America's top grossing film of the year. Starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten 
Dunst and Topher Grace, the film was released May 4, 2007. Although it received mixed reviews houi 
critics, Spider-Man 3 broke most of the opening weekend records, both in U.S. and foreign markets. 

Live Earth created a global musical audience on July 7, 2007; the 24 America Ferrera's Best Actres- 
hours of music across seven continents was delivered with a call in a Comedy was one of 11 "Ugly 
to combat the climate crisis. Betty" Emmy nominations. 

/'High School Musical 2" premiered as the most-watched basic cable telecast in history. The movie, which The Police reunion tour, which sold more 
attracted 17.24 million viewers, featured Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and friends. "High School Musical 3", a than 1,8 million tickets, earned more 
full-length feature film and "High School Musical 4" are being planned. than any other concert tour. 

[anye West's album "Graduation" sold After 50 years on daytime TV, Bob 

' nore copies (957,000) in its first week Barker retired as the host of "The 

han any other since 2005. Price is Right" in June, 2007 at 83. 

Miley Cyrus' tour included 
songs from her album and her 
"Hannah Montana" TV show. 

Officials said that the death of actor 
Heath Ledger, found in his NYC 
apartment in January, was accidental. 


30 Rock 

Dancing With The Stars 


Grey's Anatomy 



Friday Night Lights 


The Office 

HIT movies 


Bee Movie 

Alvin and the Chipmunks 

The Simpsons Movie 

Rush Hour 3 

National Treasure: 
Book of Secrets 

I Am Legend 


TOP albums 

Nickelback: All the Right Reasons 

Josh Groban: Noel 

Gwen Stefani: The Sweet Escape 

Norah Jones: Not Too Late 

Linkin Park: Minutes To Midnight 

Rascal Flatts: 
Me and My Gang 

Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift 

MercyMe: All That Is Within Me 

Princes Harry and William held a concert m honor Marvel Comics buried Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" 
of their mother. The July fundraiser was held on the Captain America in July was her third #1 and the year's 
46th anniversary of Princess Diana's birth. after 66 years of heroics. most downloaded track. 

"The Sopranos", an HBO series which broke rules, 
told complex stories and both changed and enforced 
stereotypes, ended after six seasons. 

The Spice Girls, the original "Girl Power" band of 
the 1990s, reunited for an 11-show world tour of 
their first concerts since they broke up in 2001. 

The seventh and final volume in the Harry Potter series set 
all-time records in book sales in July, tallying more than 8.3 
million books sold in the first 24 hours. 

After appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to 
off their first headlining tour. New Jersey's 
onas Brothers launched an ambitious schedule. 

Breakout Shia LaBeouf 
starred in "Disturbia" and 

Endorsement deals landed 
Beyonce at #5 on the list of ,. 
"Cash Queens of Music." 

After nearly four months on strike, the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture 
and Television Producers reached a settlement on Feb. 12. Production halted in November when more 
than 12,000 writers joined the effort, but the industry was prepared to gear back up quickly. 

After a global box office of more than S700 million, 
"Transformers" sold more than 8.3 million DVDs in 
the first six days after its release. 

"The Assassination of Jesse James", starring Brad 
Pitt, exemplified the Western genre's return to 
popularity on the big screen. 

t- 1 



If Kr^.sr4T P-.:.R. ''1(1' 


'u I ril ' i 

L T 


i ' 


Late night shows returned in January 
with hosts Conan O'Brien and David 
Letterman sporting full strike beards. 

Fourth place American 
Idol Chris Daughtry had 
the top-selling album. 

R&B star Akon was Billboard's 
top pop artist; "Konvicted" 
spent 30 weeks in the top 30. 

NBC remade and launched several '80s prime time 
hits: "Bionic Woman", "American Gladiators" and 
"Knight Rider". 


In May, 2007, Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced 
plans to leave his father's legacy, DEI, and 
race for Hendrick Motorsports in 2008. 

April 2007's Final Four brought a second 
consecutive NCAA title to the Florida 
Gators when they beat Ohio State, 84-75. 

With a 9-3 win over North Carohna, Oregon 
State became the first team in years to win 
back-to-back College World Series. 

The day after Tiger Woods finished second The NY Giants won Super Bowl XLII 17-14, thwarting the New England Patriots' hopes of becoming the first 
in the U.S. Open, his wife Elin gave birth to team since 1972 to complete an NFL season undefeated. New York QB Eli Manning and his brother Peyton 
their first child, a daughter named Sam. (Indianapolis Colts) became the first brother QBs to lead their teams to back-to-back Super Bowl victories. 

The Boston Red Sox celebrated after sweeping the Colorado Rockies with a 4-3 win in Game 4 of the World Candace Parker's 17 points against 
Series. Sox Pitcher Jon Lester became the third pitcher in MLB history to win the decidmg game of a World Rutgers made her the Final Four MVP and 
Series in his first career postseason start. earned the Lady Vols a national title. 

Californian Shaun White captured the 
Men's Snowboard Slopestyle honors in the 
2007 ESPN Winter X Games in Aspen. *^ 

mmie Johnson won NASCAR's 2007 Nextel Cup, his Florida QB Tim Tebow is the The team from Warner Robins, Venus Williams won her fourth 
econd in as many years -after winning 10 individual first underclassman to win GA won the Little League Wimbledon title beating France's 
ices from coast to coast. the Heisman Trophy. World Series over Japan. Marion Bartoli, 6-4, 6-1. 

In one of the greatest upsets in college 
football, Appalachian State surprised 
Michigan 43-32 in Ann Arbor. 

When the San Antonio Spurs swept Cleveland in an 83-82 finale, they 
became the fourth NBA team to win four titles. The Spurs joined the 
Boston Celtics, the LA Lakers and the Chicago Bulls at that level. 

Controversy surrounding 
Atlanta Falcon quarterback 
Michael Vick's dogfighting 
operation in Surry County, VA 
continued past his July guilty 
plea and December sentencing 
to 23 months in prison. 

New York Yankee Roger Clemens, 
a seven-time Cy Young Award 
winner with 354 career wins, 
disputed the claims of his former 
trainer who reported he injected 
Clemens with steroids. 

Olympian Marion Jones was 
sentenced to six months in 
prison for lying about her use 
of steroids and involvement in a 
check-fraud scam. 

Ex-NBA referee Tim Donaghy 
pleaded guilty to conspiracy 
to commit wire fraud and 
transmitting betting info 
across state lines. 

Bobby Knight, the winningest 
coach in college basketball 
with 902 victories, resigned 
abruptly from his head coaching 
responsibilities at Texas Tech 
in February. Knight will be 
succeeded by his son, Pat. 

A number of sports greats passed 
away this year; these included 
SF 49's coach Bill Walsh, MLB 
pitcher Rod Beck and figure 
skater Christopher Bowman. In 
addition, Washington Redskins 
safety Sean Taylor was shot and 
killed in a home invasion. 

The Anaheim Ducks crushed the 
Ottawa Senators 6-2 earning the state 
of California its first Stanley Cup. 

The LSU Tigers became the first team 
to win a second BCS title with a 38-24 
championship win over Ohio State. 

All phoios wete supplied by Newscom. 

Top-ranked Lorena Ochoa became 
the fastest LPGA player ever to earn 
$10 million. 

Roger Federer won his fifth consecutive Wimbledon crown in July, 
but not without drama. After his fifth set with Spain's Rafael Nadal, 
Federer clinched his twelfth Grand Slam title since 2003. 


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